Embodme Erae II arms-on: A customizable MPE MIDI controller for your comfy synths and analog equipment

The authentic Erae Touch became one in every of the more appealing MPE controllers to come wait on out within the previous few years. However it is been on the marketplace for no longer up to three years. So it became one thing of a surprise when Embodme confirmed up to NAMM 2024 with Erae II, the next iteration of its customizable controller with well-known upgrades and one surprising original function.

Now, it is miles a must-must show cloak that the version of the Erae II I became in a position to verify up on became very early prototype. There had been a few bugs, the enchancment no doubt had some rough edges. However the firm has masses of time to iron those out. The Kickstarter campaign opens on February 15 with an inquire of ship date sometime in June.

The Embodme Erae II at NAMM 2024.

Terrence O’Brien / Engadget

However the vision is already decided. The main floor is largely the identical, a unique tender expanse with RGB lights under it. Those are fashioned for instance diverse layouts that will be personalized. It most regularly is a passe keyboard, a grid, faders, a step sequencer, et cetera. The originate is for sure more refined, even at this early stage. It also acknowledges that whereas the customizability of the controller became a enormous device, it most likely relied too critical on the desktop app and the enjoying floor for facing settings.

The updated version has a preference of buttons accurate during the terminate for instant swapping layouts, controlling the original MIDI looper and having access to rather a few settings. There is also a tiny, but high resolution show cloak cloak tucked within the terminate righthand corner next to a sail wheel. The viewing angles on the show cloak cloak had been receive and it is masses though-provoking, but its dimension might well also pose some challenges. I am no longer going to evaluate it by this very early version of the firmware, but I had to squint gorgeous tough to comprise out the minute text laying out the entire MIDI assignments.

The controller itself became very responsive, although. The original sensors (16,000 of them to be explicit) had been in a position to trace my glides and refined shifts in strain with unbelievable accuracy. The firm claims the enjoying floor has sub-millimeter accuracy. Clearly there is now not any formulation I might well also if truth be told set up that to the test on the show cloak floor but, suffice it to voice, it became valid.

Close up of the screen and jog wheen on the Embodme Erae II at NAMM 2024.

Terrence O’Brien / Engadget

I will be able to already grunt that the Erae requires rather a minute little bit of nuance, although, to derive if truth be told expressive outcomes from the aftertouch. The bottom doesn’t comprise plenty of give, so minute adjustments in strain can lead to massive adjustments to the sound.

One of many most sensible things is that the Erae II can comprise swappable skins, more or much less fancy the Sensel Morph (RIP) or the Joué Play, but additionally, no longer. The unit I played had a silicone masks fancy the authentic that the firm says is intended for of us that must play the Erae II with drum stick. This would possibly per chance occasionally will ship with a white fabric one although, which became namely intended to enhance the if truth be told feel and responsiveness for those enjoying with their fingers.

Altering the skins is quite fervent, nevertheless. As a consequence of Embodme sees the Erae no longer merely as a instrument for the studio, but as a stay performance instrument it wanted to be decided the covers might well be receive and standup to abuse. So you absolutely must unscrew the body to pop on a original skin. And since the show cloak on the Erae is already customizable, it is no longer bothering to comprise skins with particular layouts, correct rather a few materials.

Close up of the shortcut buttons on the Embodme Erae II at NAMM 2024.

Terrence O’Brien / Engadget

Embodme also added a ton of original connectivity strategies. The authentic merely had a USB-C port and a TRS MIDI out. However the Erae II can comprise two MIDI out ports, a MIDI in jack, two USB ports, with the skill to be both a host or a instrument, and 24 configurable analog outs that might ship gate, trigger and CV to external equipment.

Clearly it is formulation to early to know for decided how neatly the Erae II will standup to say world use. However it is bought a promising function location and an interesting originate. Should that it is most likely you’ll comprise to be among the many predominant to derive your arms on one it is most likely you’ll well per chance wait on it on Kickstarter starting February 15 with early chook costs of $549 or $649, searching on how early you hop on. When it reaches retail later within the 365 days, nevertheless, this might well also be going for $799.

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