Decathlon unearths three contemporary Van Rysel E-GRVL bikes

Decathlon has unveiled three new Van Rysel electric gravel bikes, including the E-GRVL AF X35 (above). (Image source: Decathlon)
Decathlon has unveiled three contemporary Van Rysel electrical gravel bikes, along with the E-GRVL AF X35 (above). (Picture source: Decathlon)

Decathlon has unveiled three Van Rysel electrical gravel bike objects: the E-GRVL AF MD, the E-GRVL AF X30 and the E-GRVL AF X35. While the E-GRVL AF MD choices a mid-power Brose motor with 70 Nm torque, the E-GRVL AF X30 and X35 bicycles utilize 35Nm Mahle motors. Plus, one model is mainly light at 30.8 lbs (~14.0 kg).

Decathlon has lately revealed a up to date electrical gravel bike, the Van Rysel E-GRVL AF MD on the Velofollies. The gravel e-bike moreover appears in a catalogue detailing objects from pretty about a Decathlon manufacturers, which would possibly well reach within the US this three hundred and sixty five days.

The E-GRVL AF MD is powered by a Brose Drive T Mag mid-mounted motor with as much as 250W energy and 70 Nm torque. In accordance to the catalogue, here’s accompanied by a 400Wh battery, Michelin Vitality Gravel tires, and an SRAM Apex groupset with a 12-tempo crankset. The e-bike has an aluminum 6061 frame with a rigid fork fabricated from carbon and weighs 39.7 lbs (~18.0 kg) on moderate. The US catalogue moreover unearths the Van Rysel E-GRVL AF X30, with a 250W 40 Nm Mahle X35 rear hub motor and a 250Wh battery. The 12-tempo e-bike has an SRAM Apex groupset, this time with Hutchinson Touareg tires. Be pleased the AF MD, this model has an aluminum 6061 frame with a rigid carbon fork, weighing around 30.8 lbs (~14.0 kg).

Also leaked by a pork up page is the Van Rysel E-GRVL AF X35, with a 35 Nm Mahle X35 rear motor offering three assistance ranges. Alongside this sits a 244 Wh battery and a BC900 GPS bike computer showing info regarding the bike and your bound. The model makes utilize of an SRAM XPLR transmission, SRAM brakes and Hutchinson Touareg tires. All over again, here’s a lighter bike weighing around 32.6 lbs (~14.8 kg). The Decathlon Van Rysel E-GRVL AF MD e-bike will start within the EU in March for €3,500 (~$3,800); it’s unclear when the model will reach within the US or how mighty this is able to also unbiased imprint barely. Plus, it stays to be considered when the E-GRVL AF X30 and E-GRVL AF X35 electrical bicycles will mosey on sale and at what imprint.

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Polly Allcock, 2024-01-29 (Update: 2024-01-29)

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