Casper Snow Hybrid Mattress Review 2024: A Cooling Foam Mattress From a Legacy Designate

Casper is even handed some of the most popular mattress-in-a-box manufacturers for a reason. It offers several accommodating mattresses for a vast fluctuate of sleepers available within the market. When I describe a Casper mattress, I gather a mattress with a neutral for sure feel that can work for factual about any individual — that is, up till no longer too long ago.

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The Casper Dream Hybrid Mattress. 

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The Casper Snow Max Hybrid mattress.

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The Nectar Premier Copper mattress.

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Casper Snow Hybrid


  • Responsive coils and foams present hundreds of red meat up

  • Great for fogeys that prefer a dense reminiscence foam for sure feel

  • Zoned red meat up system and cooling beneficial properties are bonuses

  • Ultimate for support and abdominal sleepers

Draw no longer indulge in

  • Not the most simple likelihood for aspect sleepers in quest of strain relief

  • Individuals underneath 150 pounds would possibly well no longer need the added red meat up

  • Not splendid for fogeys that favor a neutral feeling Casper mattress

Product tiny print

  • Model

    Dense reminiscence foam hybrid mattress

  • Firmness

    Medium to medium-firm or 6

  • Trial

    100 Nights

  • Warranty

    10 Yr

  • Mark


Not too long ago, Casper took some beds out of circulation and added 5 unique mattresses to its 2024 sequence. One of the most novices to the Casper lineup is the Snow Hybrid. Here is now a reminiscence foam likelihood from the logo that offers a peculiar perspective on cooling and comfort. On this review, I will come up with the rundown on this unique mattress, telling you all the pieces it’s most sensible to aloof know about it, together with who it’s most efficient for.

First impressions

I unboxed this mattress on a cool iciness’s day — I issue it used to be an acceptable time for a mattress with a title indulge in the Snow Hybrid. As soon as it obtained off the starting up truck, I dragged it into my room, took it out of the box and commenced ripping off the total plastic packaging. 

Since it used to be so chilly out of doors, I seen that the mattress used to be moderately misshapen correct out of the box, no longer to mention stable as a rock. Temperature can in most cases affect how swiftly a mattress expands after an unboxing, and it’s some distance a authorized phase of the route of. I simply gave it a night time to sit out on the foundation to warm up and properly inflate. 


Jonathan Gomez/CNET

The subsequent day, it seemed correct as rain. It seemed indulge in the mattress pictured on Casper’s site, so I took it as a signal it used to be ready to be tested. I expected this mattress to enjoy the the same mushy neutral foam for sure feel as any assorted Casper, but upon attempting out responsiveness, my suspicions proved flawed. 

The mattress displays a dense reminiscence foam sensation, just like the flagship Nectar mattress. When I hopped on this mattress, it used to be softer and equipped a nice quantity of strain relief. The Snow Hybrid feels noticeably frigid to the contact, worthy extra so than the stylish hybrid mattress on-line.

Video: Casper Snow Hybrid mattress review

Peep me review the Casper Snow Hybrid mattress in this video review. 

Casper Snow Hybrid mattress firmness and for sure feel


Jonathan Gomez/CNET

What does the Casper Snow Hybrid for sure feel indulge in?

As I discussed, this mattress feels indulge in a dense reminiscence foam likelihood. It has that slack-to-acknowledge, body-conforming sensation that many prefer to enjoy of their mattress. Whilst you happen to revel in drowsing on Tempur-Pedic beds, you are going to doubtlessly revel within the for sure feel of the Casper Snow Hybrid.

Now, reminiscence foam will not be always for sure a ubiquitous field matter; no longer every person enjoys the for sure feel these form of beds present. Whilst you happen to prefer one thing with extra of a mushy neutral foam for sure feel, that you just would possibly are making an try to ascertain out the Dream beds from Casper. Those mattresses enjoy extra of your traditional Casper for sure feel.

How firm is the Casper Snow Hybrid mattress?

I in most cases gather dense reminiscence foam alternate choices to be moderately firm, but this one is between a medium and a medium-firm on our scale. This suggests this would possibly occasionally work for a diversity of sleeper kinds but be primarily most efficient for support and abdominal sleepers.

Perceive that firmness is a subjective thing that primarily depends to your dimension. Whilst you happen to are a mountainous guy indulge in me, you are going to doubtlessly accumulate beds to be softer than the stylish Joe. Whilst you happen to are of a extra tiny assemble, mattresses can for sure feel firmer comparatively. We detestable mattress firmness primarily based totally on the dimensions of an reasonable person within the 180-pound fluctuate.

Whilst you happen to prefer to enjoy a softer Casper mattress, examine out the Snow Max Hybrid or the Dream Max Hybrid. Those beds are mushy ample for main aspect and combo drowsing. The Dream Hybrid is around a medium for all sleeper kinds, and the One Foam is now the firmest likelihood at an very excellent medium-firm. 

Casper Snow Hybrid mattress construction


Jonathan Gomez/CNET

The Snow is a hybrid mattress that has a combination of coils for red meat up and numerous foams for comfort. It is made from the next layers:

1. On the bottom, there’s a layer of sinful foam to assassinate a foundation for the relief of the mattress.

2. Then you definately enjoy the mattress’s major red meat up system of pocketed coils. These are encased in a foam border to succor out with edge red meat up.

3. Next is a transition layer of Casper’s Align reminiscence foam. It is divided into three separate sections and offers the mattress a Zoned Strengthen characteristic to succor have your support properly aligned as you sleep.

4. Resting above this residue are three of Casper’s Warmth Delete bands, which saunter horizontally all around the mattress to succor scheme away your bodily heat at night time.

5. Then you definately enjoy the mattress’s major comfort layer of Soothe reminiscence foam, which is lined with a phase alternate field matter to also succor have watch over drowsing temperature.

6. The mattress is wrapped up in a fab-to-the-contact quilt, which is noticeably cool; it for sure locations the “snow” within the title Snow Hybrid.

Casper Snow Hybrid mattress efficiency


Jonathan Gomez/CNET

Circulate isolation

This refers to how successfully a mattress absorbs depraved-mattress movement. Whilst you happen to peruse yourself waking your partner up with the slightest drowsing changes, you are going to favor one thing that deadens that motion even as you each sleep.

Luckily, this mattress isolates motion moderately successfully. Since reminiscence foam mattresses assemble the most simple in this category, we fabricate no longer have up to your nightly movements transferring via this mattress that worthy. I doubt that you just or your partner will be jostled awake on this mattress. Whilst you happen to are jumping on the mattress at hour of darkness, that would possibly well also very successfully be a distinct narrative.

Edge-to-edge red meat up

The froth border that encases the pocketed coils on the bottom does magnify this mattress’s edge red meat up, but no longer by worthy. I would issue the mattress performs reasonable by manner of edge red meat up. I gather if the coils were bolstered alongside the perimeters, it will enjoy even higher edge red meat up.

The mattress’s perimeter is sturdy ample to address a entire bunch weight alongside the perimeters. In case your partner unknowingly hogs the mattress, the traipse with the saunter must be distinct for you right here.


Out of the total unique Casper beds, I would enjoy in mind these Snow alternate choices to assassinate the most quantity of energetic cooling income. The total added cooling beneficial properties noticeably affect how frigid this mattress sleeps, so I gather it’s some distance a mountainous likelihood for in particular sizzling sleepers. I’m succesful of glance it even making the carve for our Most attention-grabbing Cooling Mattress record within the kill.

Perceive that, worthy indulge in firmness, drowsing temperature is also a subjective thing. It varies on a case-by-case basis and in most cases depends on exterior elements moderately than the mattress itself. Whilst you happen to outfit the mattress with a jersey sheet insist and a heavy comforter, the mattress would possibly well sleep closer to temperature neutral. Stand-alone, though, the Casper Snow Hybrid is frigid — no pun intended. 


A quality hybrid mattress much like this would possibly occasionally closing for several years, in most cases even over a decade. We now enjoy stumbled on that coil beds in most cases closing longer than folks which enjoy dense red meat up foam. Foam layers can degrade sooner over time as you lie on them night time after night time, whereas coils protect their shape extra since they’re made of metal. Since the Snow hybrid is a hybrid mattress, it will possible closing you for the next seven to 10 years, if no longer longer.


There would possibly be no getting around it; in most cases, your brand-unique mattress has an off-putting scent correct out of the box. Fancy assorted products that ship to you in a box, there’s in most cases a producing facility scent. Draw no longer fear; nothing is pass alongside with your unique mattress. It is regularly customarily known as off-gassing, and it’s some distance a authorized phase of the mattress-in-a-box route of. If there’s a scent, it’s going to aloof traipse away after just a few nights. 

Who is the Casper Snow Hybrid mattress most efficient for?

Even though this mattress would possibly well work for all body kinds, together with heavier folks, it can well no longer be correct for all individuals. Since reminiscence foam itself is a divisive field matter, this would possibly occasionally doubtlessly allure to a prefer neighborhood of sleepers available within the market. Here’s who we predict this mattress is most efficient for.

Sleeping insist


Jonathan Gomez/CNET

Any sleeper form can get by on a mattress between a medium and a medium-firm, but this a diminutive bit firmer profile is most efficient for supporting main support and abdominal drowsing. Whilst you happen to are extra of a aspect sleeper, it can well no longer present ample strain relief to your shoulders and hips. And within the occasion you are no longer a fan of reminiscence foam, enjoy in mind a distinct Casper mattress altogether.

Whilst you happen to know reminiscence foam but favor a softer model of the mattress for aspect sleepers, be taught about into the Snow Max Hybrid. The Casper Dream Hybrid is now the logo’s most accommodating likelihood by manner of firmness and for sure feel. It is around an very excellent medium and has a mushy neutral hybrid for sure feel. The softer model of this mattress is the Dream Max Hybrid, regarded as some of the comfiest Casper beds on the present time for aspect sleepers.

Physique form

Being a hybrid mattress, this mattress is supportive ample to address all body kinds. This entails worthy heavier folks. I’m a bigger person (around 250 pounds) and I accumulate this mattress tons supportive for my weight fluctuate.

Whilst you happen to are a smaller-sized person, it will also present hundreds of red meat up to your body form, nonetheless it can well also very successfully be overkill. You would possibly need the income of drowsing on an all-foam mattress indulge in the Casper One Foam. Not to mention, you would be saving worthy extra money.

Casper Snow Hybrid mattress pricing

Measurement Measurements (inches) Mark
Twin XL 38 x 80 inches $1,875
Stout 54 x 75 inches $2,375
Queen 60 x 80 inches $2,495
King 76 x 80 inches $3,125
Cal King 72 x 84 inches $3,125

Talking of cash, you are going to be spending a heavenly penny on the Snow Hybrid, as it’s regarded as some of the most top class Casper beds. Pondering the extent of quality attach into the mattress, indulge in its Zoned Strengthen and cooling beneficial properties, I would issue it’s affordable. 

After you apply a carve sign, that you just would possibly for the time being take up a queen dimension for factual shy of two wide. Even though that’s on the extra dear aspect, it can well also very successfully be fee it for in particular sizzling sleepers who enjoy nightly support distress. Pricing does alternate in most cases for on-line beds, and Casper in most cases reductions its beds around major holidays.

Trial, shipping and warranty

As a brand, Casper also backs its beds with the authorized policies for the accumulate dwelling. Its beds ship to you in a box free of fee, and once it’s to your possession, you get a 100-night time trial interval to ascertain out it at dwelling threat-free. Whilst you happen to happen to no longer indulge in it within that time body, you enjoy a return likelihood, but within the occasion you favor to protect it, you are backed by a 10-year restricted warranty. Just appropriate assassinate obvious to use the actual foundation for the mattress. Otherwise, that you just would possibly void your mattress’s warranty.

The remaining verdict


Jonathan Gomez/CNET

It is attention-grabbing to acknowledge that Casper attach out this dense reminiscence foam likelihood. I gather it’s some distance a happy mattress, but who precisely will income the most from it?

Effectively, you’ll need to prefer the for sure feel of a reminiscence foam mattress, and within the occasion you are a support or abdominal sleeper, even higher. Whilst you happen to also favor a targeted Zoned Strengthen system to your mattress with a ton of cooling advantages for sizzling sleepers, I’m succesful of no longer glance many folks going pass right here either. 

Overall, I’m succesful of glance many sleepers playing their time on this mattress. Something else over two wide is dear for a queen-dimension mattress, but the Casper Snow Hybrid is aloof a more cost-effective replacement to the Tempur-pedic Roam beds, which is willing to get costly.

You would possibly well indulge in the Casper Snow Hybrid mattress if:

  • You wish a supportive hybrid mattress
  • You are a first-rate support or abdominal sleeper
  • You indulge in a mattress with a dense reminiscence foam for sure feel
  • You wish an brisk cooling mattress with Zoned Strengthen

You would possibly well no longer indulge in the Casper Snow Hybrid mattress if:

  • You are having a gape an all-foam mattress
  • You are a smaller-sized one that would not need extra red meat up
  • You wish a mushy mattress for strict aspect drowsing
  • You are having a gape a extra reasonable likelihood

Assorted mattresses from Casper

There are many numerous beds to enjoy in mind in Casper’s unique 2024 line. The upgraded model of the Snow Hybrid is the Snow Max Hybrid; it’s some distance a extra strain-relieving likelihood with enhanced comfort for aspect sleepers. It also has energetic cooling and Zoned Strengthen beneficial properties.


The Casper Dream Hybrid Mattress. 

Owen Poole/CNET

Whilst you happen to manufacture no longer indulge in reminiscence foam and prefer neutral-feeling beds, the Dream sequence from Casper is fee your consideration. The Dream Hybrid has a neutral hybrid for sure feel and is around a medium on our scale. The Dream Max Hybrid is the softer model of this mattress for aspect sleepers, with an enhanced Zoned Strengthen system.

The One Foam is now Casper’s most reasonable all-foam offering. Whilst you happen to are factual having a gape a foam mattress with a neutral for sure feel, enjoy in mind this one. It is some distance a worthy firmer form of mattress, around a medium-firm, so it will work most efficient for support and abdominal sleepers who favor a firm mattress.

How does the Casper Snow Hybrid compare to assorted mattresses? 

Casper Snow Hybrid vs. Casper Snow Max Hybrid


The Casper Snow Max Hybrid mattress.

Jonathan Gomez/CNET

These are Casper’s most contemporary reminiscence foam mattresses. They enjoy a entire bunch similarities within the form of red meat up techniques and cooling, but the Snow Max has the most between the two — subsequently the title. Its Zoned Strengthen system is designed to be extra targeted, and it has extra cooling functionality than the Snow Hybrid. Additionally it’s some distance designed to be on the softer aspect to swimsuit the wishes of aspect sleepers.

In terms of sign, the Snow Hybrid is the extra reasonable likelihood. You’re going to must express moderately moderately extra for the Snow Max, nonetheless it can well also very successfully be fee it within the occasion you are a first-rate aspect sleeper having a gape a cooling mattress with tons of red meat up.

Casper Snow Hybrid vs. Nectar Premier Copper


The Nectar Premier Copper mattress.

Dillon Payne/CNET

These are every extra top class alternate choices from Casper and Nectar. Every are designed to be cooling alternate choices with reminiscence foam feels, and apart from they’re every between a medium and a medium firm on our scale.

Between the two, the Snow Hybrid has the most quantity of cooling income. The copper-infused create substances within the Nectar Premier Copper succor it sleep temperature neutral, while the Snow is extra of an brisk cooling mattress. The Casper Snow Hybrid also has a extra apparent Zoned Strengthen create when put next with the Premier Copper. 

The Nectar Premier Copper has a extra responsive reminiscence foam for sure feel when put next with the Casper Snow Hybrid, which is denser. You would possibly want a preference between two assorted red meat up alternate choices with the Nectar Premier Copper, and furthermore it’s some distance worthy extra reasonable than the Casper Snow Hybrid.

Casper Snow Hybrid mattress FAQs

What’s Casper’s snow know-how?

Casper has advertised its beds as in particular frigid thanks to its use of the proprietary Snow Know-how. Up to now, that you just would possibly eradicate the Wave and Nova mattresses from the logo with a “Snow” improve, serving to them sleep cooler than the authorized items.

It is in most cases a cooling system that’s proprietary to Casper. It is some distance a combination of the Warmth Delete bands that saunter widthwise alongside the mattress, the phase-alternate field matter lined on the reminiscence foam, and the cooling quilt on high. These three beneficial properties combine to assassinate up the Snow Know-how from Casper. Casper claims it’s going to permit you to sleep around 5 levels cooler than the flagship One Foam mattress. 

Zoned red meat up is a red meat up system within a mattress to succor have your support in a neutral alignment even as you sleep. Zoned red meat up is stumbled on within the transitional layer of reminiscence foam of the Casper Snow Hybrid. This sediment is split into three sections, the attach the center is firmer than the outer two. This offers you red meat up underneath your decrease support the attach you possibly can prefer it and strain relief to the assorted areas of your body. Whilst you happen to enjoy chronic support distress, that will not be always for sure a abominable characteristic to enjoy to your subsequent mattress. 

How long discontinuance hybrid beds closing?

Mattresses that use coils for red meat up are in most cases extra durable than all-foam beds over time. Here is factual due to a chunk of dense red meat up foam can degrade within the kill sooner than a supportive layer of steel coils. The reasonable lifespan of a mattress is mostly within seven to 10 years. Hybrid beds in most cases closing for some distance longer than that. Pondering the Casper Snow is a high quality-made hybrid mattress, I would issue it will closing you for several years to return. 

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