Assange created a ‘grave and instantaneous possibility’, says US government, because it seeks extradition

Attorneys for the US government hit lend a hand at claims that extraditing WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is politically motivated


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Revealed: 21 Feb 2024 16: 41

Julian Assange created a “grave and instantaneous possibility” that innocent other folks would suffer necessary be anxious, the US government has argued because it seeks his extradition.

The WikiLeaks founder, who’s no longer prove because of health reasons, has applied for permission to appeal his extradition in the Excessive Court.

On the 2nd and final day of the utility, the US government argued his extradition will most most likely be upright, on memoir of Assange might maybe gentle no longer be handled as a journalist.

Clair Dobbin KC, for the US government, said Assange had encouraged outdated US soldier Chelsea Manning to engage classified paperwork and unlawfully dispose them to WikiLeaks.

The replacement of paperwork equipped to Assange included approximately 90,000 Afghanistan battle-related indispensable exercise reviews, 400,000 Iraq battle-related indispensable exercise reviews, 800 Guantanamo Bay detainee review briefs, and 250,000 US Instruct Division cables.

Dobbin said the initiate of undredacted paperwork by WikiLeaks – containing the names of local Afghans and Iraqis, journalists, non secular leaders, human rights advocates, and political dissidents from repressive regimes – had “created a grave and instantaneous possibility that innocent other folks would suffer necessary bodily be anxious or arbitrary detention”.

“There were truly profound consequences, past the right kind human brand and to the broader capacity of the US to catch proof from human sources as neatly,” she said.

One Ethiopian journalist was arrested following the leak, Dobbin said. Others had “disappeared” since.

“Though it cannot be confirmed that their disappearance was a results of being outed,” she added.

Dobbin emphasised the “usefulness” of the guidelines launched to groups like the Taliban, who had it appears to be like studied the topic fabric, and Osama Bin Laden, who had requested that the US Division of Defense topic fabric launched by WikiLeaks be gathered.

She said it was just, which capability truth, that district desire Vanessa Baraitser at Westminster Magistrates Court had concluded in 2021 that what Assange did might maybe no longer “tumble contained in the ambit of accountable journalism”.

For instance, she alleged that on 8 March 2010, Assange agreed to lend a hand Manning in cracking a password hash that might well personal allowed her to assemble entry to a classified Division of Defense memoir, using a username that did no longer belong to her, so she might maybe imprecise her id and proceed to engage paperwork.

Dobbin emphasised the “gravamen” of that allegation. “That obviously goes a ways past the acts of a journalist who’s merely gathering recordsdata,” she said.

The US government argues that Assange might maybe moreover be extradited below fragment 81(a) of the Extradition Act 2003.

Assange’s personnel argued the day earlier than this day that a political prosecution was barred below the act. Nevertheless the US said that for extradition to be barred, there wants to be “wicked faith” on the phase of the occasion seeking extradition.

Dobbin warned against the implications of Assange’s argument. She said it might maybe maybe mean US prosecutor Gordon Kromberg is “successfully mendacity to the UK courts in his affidavits when he asserts that there is an fair foundation” for prosecution.

“The starting point wants to be, because it at all times is in these cases, the basic assumption of just faith on the phase of these states with which the UK has lengthy-standing extradition relations. The US is one among the most lengthy-standing partners of the UK,” said Dobbin.

The court docket heard it was that you might well per chance remember that Australian citizen Assange, 52, might maybe receive a penal advanced sentence of as a lot as 30 or 40 years if he was extradited to the US. He has been in penal advanced in the UK for five years.

Label Summers KC, responding on behalf of Assange, said: “We discontinuance no longer point out Mr Kromberg is a mendacity individual or that he is personally no longer carrying out his prosecutorial tasks in barely faith. The prosecution and extradition right here’s a choice taken way above his head.

“You cannot specialise in the sheep and ignore the shepherd,” Summers argued. “What came about right here was reveal retaliation ordered from the very high.”

Responding to the argument that the US government had acted at all cases in barely faith, he said: “We discontinuance no longer realize how that argument might maybe moreover be developed with a straight face.”

Summers said the unredacted paperwork had been leaked after a member of the personnel printed a book which featured a key to an encrypted network. He said the be anxious triggered by that leak was “unintended, unforeseen and unwanted” by Assange.

The choice of Dame Victoria Sharp and Mr Justice Johnson was reserved.

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