Are you able to exercise any Bluetooth headphones with the Sonos app?

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The Sonos app now shows an option for Bluetooth headphones, but it's not for just any old Bluetooth headphones.
The Sonos app now presentations an option for Bluetooth headphones, but it no doubt’s now not for factual any archaic Bluetooth headphones. Phil Nickinson / Digital Traits

Prolific followers of Sonos — in particular those that’re on the hunt for the most approved app updates in hopes of monumental enhancements — may per chance dangle noticed a new feature. And it’s one which’s no doubt reason for excitement, though per chance now not rather in the manner some dangle hoped.

A most popular update has added the capability so to add Bluetooth headphones to a Sonos setup. That’s thrilling in its possess stunning because you’ve by no manner been ready to make exercise of Bluetooth headphones with the Sonos app sooner than. But it’s also an addition that’s straight tied to the announcement of the Sonos Ace headphones.

Sonos Ace beside Apple iPad running the Sonos app.
The Sonos Ace headphones and the Sonos app on a tablet. Simon Cohen / Digital Traits

Those, as you’ll recall from our first ogle at the Sonos Ace, are the major headphones from the corporate that to this level has totally made audio system that are now not intended to are living on the aspect of your head. And you’ll also recall that the Sonos Ace the truth is are more love old trend Bluetooth headphones in that you just don’t no doubt want to make exercise of the Sonos app to make exercise of them. (And that’s a factual thing.) You’ll factual pair them love all other Bluetooth headphones and procure to listening through no topic app you snatch to make exercise of.

But — also factual love other Bluetooth headphones — that doesn’t mean you gained’t ever prefer exercise them alongside with their app. Pairing with the Sonos app offers you with entry to an EQ, and it’s also how you’ll alter packed with life noise cancellation, as properly as spatial audio and head monitoring. You’ll also be ready to toggle the ruin sensors (which detect if they’re the truth is to your head), and also you’ll be ready to pair with a 2d instrument through Bluetooth Multipoint. You’ll also be ready to seem for the categorical battery level, which is always good.

We are capable of sign the confusion, though. The manner the option looks to be in the settings menu may per chance lead you to assume that it is seemingly you’ll be ready so to add any archaic Bluetooth headphones to the app. But (for now, anyway), that’s factual now not the case. It’s Sonos Ace, or bust.

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