30 Have to Know WordPress Statistics and Facts 2024

Enact you use quality time on the rating every day? These who employ much of their time procuring the rating rating to meet with WordPress. It’ll be higher called a converse management system that gives a brand contemporary face to agencies on-line.

Year after three hundred and sixty five days, the number of users retains rising as of us leer how much other agencies fare with the utilization of internet sites on WordPress. There are about 2.7 million monthly searches for “WordPress.” WordPress users publish 70 million contemporary posts every month. WordPress powers 43.1% of all internet sites and has been the quickest-increasing CMS since 2014.

The CMS has risen in broad leaps and bounds to quilt almost every industry sphere. Through the years, it has evolved, and esteem a mother embraces her child, so does WordPress, which is used on thousands of internet sites all the blueprint thru the globe. Most industry internet sites point to WordPress as the coronary heart on the aid of their designs. This goes to demonstrate how much worth it has in our world on the present time. Thought the bits and bobs of this immense converse management set, these WordPress statistics will will let you gaze why it stands out and will most in all probability be found to a decision whether or no longer your industry desires it. Let’s tumble into the need to-know WordPress statistics.

Key WordPress Statistics

Key WordPress Statistics

  1. As many as 45.8% of all internet sites on the rating will construct exhaust of WordPress in 2023. 
  2. Up to 13.1% of industry internet sites in 2011 got right here below WordPress.
  3. It became utilized in 2022 by as much as 65.2% of agencies for converse management.
  4. WordPress powered as aesthetic as 36.28% of per chance the most primary 1 million internet sites in 2022. 
  5. The converse marketing system’s market half has risen 10% for the past ten years.
  6. Bigger than 500 internet sites are created by WordPress every day of the week.
  7. The set is created in this form of model that folks from 205 languages can occupy rating admission to to its services. 
  8. Spanish is the second most used set language, at 4.7%, correct above Indonesia, at 2.4%.
  9. WordPress powers as many as 70 million sites on this planet of e-commerce.
  10. The set is identified to vitality up to 76.5 million blogs running on the realm internet.
  11. It has change into the 4th most visited set after Google, Yahoo, and Facebook.
  12. Up to 181 million visits are made monthly on
  13., a correctly-identified set, has over 2 million topics from which users can simply hold.

Long-established WordPress Statistics

General WordPress Statistics

1. As many as 45.8% of All Web sites on the Cyber internet Will Use WordPress in 2023.

An information liberate by W3Techs shows that as many as 45.8% of internet sites on the rating exhaust WordPress. This formulation that 2 in every five industry internet sites exhaust this set. Here is an elevate from 43.2% on the shut of the past three hundred and sixty five days.

2. Up to 13.1% of Alternate Web sites in 2011 Came Below WordPress.

The utilization of the placement has since risen three hundred and sixty five days after three hundred and sixty five days by about 12% from the shut of 2011. This is able to per chance well be viewed by the 43.2% of internet sites in 2022 the exhaust of WordPress.

3. WordPress 2022 became Favorite by 65.2% of Companies That Use Sing material Management Programs.

An even bigger expertise shall be in all probability whereas you undertake a converse management system. WordPress had a discipline day in 2022 when 65.2% of companies used its CMS service.

4. As Colossal as 36.28% of the Most attention-grabbing 1 Million Web sites in 2022 Were Powered by WordPress.

The three hundred and sixty five days 2022 shall be remembered for a prolonged whereas, as 36.28% of per chance the most primary internet sites were serviced by WordPress.

5. As Many as 70 Million Sites within the World of E-commerce are Powered by WordPress.

The tide retains animated against WordPress, with 70 million sites serviced by WordPress. This does no longer in any formulation retain apart 22% of the topmost I million producers on its service radar.

6. The Build of dwelling is Created in philosophize that Persons from 205 Languages Can Access its Products and services.

One unfamiliar thing about the WordPress set is that language shouldn’t be any longer a barrier for any individual. The platform has made a name for itself, away from 71% of sites the exhaust of most attention-grabbing English.

WordPress Usage Statistics

WordPress Usage Statistics 

7. Spherical 810 million Sites Powered by WordPress are in Moral Working Condition.

Up to 43% of internet sites worldwide exhaust WordPress to escape their agencies day after day. This resolve retains rising at an awfully rapid charge on the placement, hitting bigger than 500 every day. This feat has made it per chance the most used CMS platform all the blueprint thru the on-line.

8. About 409 Million Of us Score to Uncover Extra Than 20 Million Pages of WordPress Each and every Single Day.

The facet freeway retains convalescing and higher for this CMS big annually. Up to 409 million of us read thru over 20 billion pages of WordPress every day of the week.

Each and every day, 77 million feedback are made by of us who read 70 million-pushed WordPress posts.

10. Each and every 2d, 27 Posts are Made Public on the WordPress Service Build of dwelling.

The actions of influencers all all the blueprint thru the world construct 27 contemporary posts on WordPress a bit feat.

Many spammers, running into tens of millions, occupy their eyes on the WordPress set. Here is to warn you to be cautious for their presence and retain your email contend with from their attain. Double-checking your contact forms will attain heaps of factual in preserving spammers out of your email.

12. As Many as 1.1 Million Contemporary Domains are Created Each and every Six Months of the Year.

Developing a domain is esteem a portion of cake on the WordPress platform. The ease of organising a brand contemporary domain is the cause many agencies retain flocking to the platform.

WordPress Theme Statistics

Theme Stats

13. 13,764 Web sites are Utilizing it, and it has Positioned Divi Methodology Ahead of Other WordPress Issues.

Divi is topping the listing of topics, adopted by Astra, Hi there Elementor, newspaper, and GeneratorPress.

14. The Build of dwelling is Known for Dishing Out Free Issues 11,014 on its Legitimate Marketplace.

The official market amounts to 11,014, leaving apart free alternate choices within the market to users. Free ones esteem Envato, ThemeForest, and ThemeIsle occupy made the listing of per chance the most primary WordPress topics.

15. Getting a Top charge WordPress Theme Will Cost Spherical $59 to Kick Off.

Utilizing a top charge template places you higher off as timely updates are sent to you with a immense enhance system. This is able to per chance well merely in actual fact construct you stand out amongst other nonusers of the platform.

16. Spherical 8,000 WordPress Issues shall be Easily Installed and Favorite.

The set created topics that will most in all probability be used without paying a single dime. About 8,000 topics of WordPress shall be acknowledged to be free at no worth.

17. It Costs About $10 to $20 to Score 23.3% of Issues on the WordPress Platform.

Handing over immense topics is one feature that places the placement formulation prior to others. With as low as $10, you have to well per chance well rating a theme to your industry with out a force.

18. The Avada Theme has Been Offered out to the Public Bigger than 200,000 Times.

The Avada theme promoting out bigger than 200,000 events has added over $12 million to the placement’s purse.

WordPress Plugins Statistics

Plugins Stats

19. Browsing With WordPress’s Free 59,459 Plugins is a Contemporary Skills for Anybody.

Surfing the on-line with WordPress free plugins is an expertise. On its set, there are 59,459 free plugins for users’ consolation.

20. Rather a Moral Amount of Plugins on the Platform Trust Been Downloaded Over 1 Billion Times.

WordPress plugins occupy loved over a thousand million events repeated exhaust over the closing couple of years.

21. Upright 3% of These Plugins Trust Remained the Same Methodology Since They Were Created.

Their developers occupy no longer restructured up to about a% of WordPress plugins at any time.

22. WooCommerce Is within the market in as the Most Downloaded Plugin, With a Fetch of Over 135 Million.

With over 135 million downloads, WooCommerce is formulation above other plugins. It’s some distance on the general per chance the most used e-commerce set.

23. Utilizing WordPress Puts You within the Build of Bettering Code Plugins Without Touching a Code.

The set is within the market in as the stunning desire for any individual who is taking into consideration of going into self-internet hosting campaigns.

24. As high as 93.7% of E-commerce Sites on the Global Web Trust WordPress to Thank.

Up to 93.7% of sites fascinated with e-commerce actions within the old few years exhaust its plugins.

25. Gutenberg has Fared Successfully for Itself, Like Each and every Other Downloading Plugin, With 67 Million.

Upright after WooCommerce, Gutenberg is in second location, with a downloaded set up of 67 million. Jetpack, Yoast Web page positioning, and Web page Builders are other identified plugins within the marketplace.

26. Over the Years, Upright 30 WordPress Plugins occupy Been In a position to Reach 100,000 Downloads.

The plugin internet page lists beta, block-enabled, unique, and featured plugins. Of these, correct about a, 30, occupy 100,000 active installations.

WordPress Security Statistics

WP Security Stats

27. Each and every Single Minute, the Build of dwelling is in Threat of Having up to 90,000 Attacks.

The high charge of security assaults WordPress will get per minute each day must no longer be a surprise. Powering over 40% of internet sites worldwide is a immense deal that attracts scammers and assaults.

28. Hackers can Attack Over 70% of Installations on WordPress Sites at Any Time.

Experiences confirmed that 30,823 installations from 42,106 duly tested ones face the likelihood of being hacked. This shows that 73.2% of all contemporary installations can rating into hackers’ palms. Here is immense, however it shows that human error is the cause on the aid of heaps of hacking on the on-line.

29. As Colossal as Created 74% of Web sites with a Breach.

One detect of 8,000 tested internet sites shows that 74% were made the exhaust of WordPress. Of these, 4,000 at closing went down attributable to malware thru a deceptive web converse positioning plugin.

30. Extra Than 28,900 Security Challenges Face the Build of dwelling Day in and Out.

WordPress faces every single day 28,948 threats out of which 472 are from topics, leaving 4,657 to plugins.


WordPress, esteem every other service supplier, has had its stunning half of united states of americaand downs on the on-line. The supreme on the listing are security hacks internet sites face day after day. Remembering the need to stable one’s email contend with is a immense location to initiating out being alert. Even with the hacks, many companies exhaust WordPress to invent their sites. One fantastic thing about the converse marketing system is that it retains evolving. Runt marvel many companies exhaust it to rating on the on-line.

To higher aid its users, no topic their checking memoir, WordPress creates a paid and free theme from which you have to well per chance well hold. Customers rating to most attention-grabbing pay for a internet hosting thought on the platform whereas playing a immense expertise. The future appears to be like to be brighter for WordPress as an increasing number of agencies rating on board.


How can I rating started on WordPress as a notable-timer?

Is the placement fully free for any individual to exhaust?

Utilizing the WordPress set comes for free with a bonus of bettering, customizing, and downloading the software. By formulation of internet hosting a thought, users need to construct a cost.[/A3]

What number of topics does WordPress occupy now?

Can a consumer customize a WordPress theme to swimsuit their need?

How aesthetic occupy WordPress plugins grown in these couple of years?


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