25+ Scrutinize-Opening SoundCloud Statistics You Have to Know in 2024

Significant SoundCloud Statistics You Must Know in 2024

Major Statistics

  1. Paid customers on SoundCloud every month are 76+ million.
  2. Over 265 million tracks are uploaded by artists.
  3. Users between 18-29 years legend for 69% of SoundCloud listeners.
  4. SoundCloud listeners in urban areas are a limited bit above half.
  5. Hip-hop and R&B are essentially the most listened-to genres on this platform.
  6. 60% of net site traffic on the platform comes from browser visits.
  7. The very most practical quarterly profit by the firm became attained in Q4 2019.
  8. 40% of the firm became laid off in 2017 due to financial difficulty.

Key SoundCloud Statistics and Details

Key Facts

1. There are Over 175 Million Listeners of SoundCloud Every Month.

As of 2021, the amount of SoundCloud listeners reached 175 million, accounting for registered customers ideal. Alternatively, this figure is decrease than the epic in 2014, reaching its peak at 275 million customers. Even with decreased active listeners, SoundCloud remained The united states’s 10th most ragged song-streaming platform.

2. SoundCloud has Over 76 Million Paid Users Month-to-month.

Although free streaming song on this platform is imaginable, paid memberships are additionally on hand on totally different devices. The subscription price isn’t going to dawdle your pocket or bag you destroy the financial institution, but must that you just can possibly like a firm, it will likely be price pondering. As of November 2021, SoundCloud recorded over 76 million active monthly customers with an legend. Curiously, the broad majority of these subscribers are high college students and experts.

3. As Mighty as 86% of SoundCloud Users Hearken to Tune on Their Cell Telephones, and 52% Use Laptops.

Users paying consideration to song on the SoundCloud platform spend their mobile devices extra than laptops. Statistics demonstrate that about 86% of SoundCloud customers be aware of song on their mobile devices, while around 52% spend laptops.

4. Particular particular person Artists Uploaded Over 265 Million Tracks on SoundCloud.

The streaming carrier is start to both listeners and creators. This suggests any individual can be aware of song with out cost and peaceful add tracks, equipped they’ve the finest to originate so. SoundCloud is assumed to be one of many realm’s most renowned platforms for streaming song. Its strange characteristic lets in unbiased artists to portion their work, leading to an spectacular library of 265 million tracks uploaded by individual artists on this song-streaming platform. This figure is a lot greater than other streaming platforms cherish iTunes and Spotify, which comprise 75 million and 70 million tracks, respectively.

5. Famend Artists Like Billie Eilish and Khalid Started Their Tune Careers on SoundCloud Prior to Signing Contracts With Represent Labels.

Quite a bit of artists cherish Billie Eilish, Put up Malone, Khalid, Megan, and Probability the Rapper, Thee Stallion, began their musical scamper on SoundCloud. These artists embraced this platform to promote their songs even before they joined major epic labels.

6. Correct thru the Pandemic, the Tune-streaming Platform Donated About $15 Million to Aid Artists.

In 2020, SoundCloud launched a $15 million initiative to bolster the creator neighborhood throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. This initiative allowed creators or artists so that you just can add a immediately promotional enhance button to their respective pages. This became performed to lend a hand musicians, amidst the pandemic, boost their lengthy-term careers and forestall their careers from crashing.

SoundCloud Utilization Statistics

Usage Stats

7. The US Contributes the Highest Proportion of Cell Online page traffic to the Web pages and Cell App, at 27%, Adopted by the UK.

Statistics demonstrate that as of 2021, the ideal allotment of the SoundCloud mobile app and net characteristic net site traffic comes from the US. Worldwide locations cherish the UK came second at 6%, Germany at 5%, and France at 3%.

8. 69% of SoundCloud Users in The united states are Outdated 18-29.

In accordance with statistics, 69% of SoundCloud listeners in the US are between 18 and 29 years extinct. This class of adults is likelier to be aware of song, and fewer than 10% of the listeners are above 45 years extinct.

9. On Average, a SoundCloud Person Resides in a Household of at Least Three Contributors.

Study files shows that a SoundCloud listener lives in a household of at the least three participants. Other files shows that 17% of the ardent customers of this song-streaming platform belong to a household of 5 or extra household.

10. SoundCloud Platform is Male-dominated.

In accordance with Similarweb files, 63.45% of SoundCloud’s target market is male, and female listeners comprise 36.55% of its particular person pass. Notably, these figures legend for SoundCloud listeners in the US by myself.

11. The Urban Areas Indulge in Extra SoundCloud Listeners than Rural Areas.

The distribution of SoundCloud customers between urban and rural areas is sort of even. The urban put has about 52% of listeners, and the rural put files around 48% of listeners.

12. The Hip-hop and R&B Model is the Playlist With the Highest Quantity of Listeners on SoundCloud (60%).

Hip-hop & R&B tops the checklist of song genres with essentially the most listeners at 60%, and comedy occupies the second characteristic at 54%. Pop additionally has a outstanding listener pass, with 45% of Americans listening.

13. Spiritual, World, and Documentary-kind Philosophize Plays the Least in the SoundCloud Represent.

Other genres, including non secular song, world song, and documentary-kind train, comprise fewer listeners, as low as 16.2%, 16%, and 19%, respectively.

14. Practically Half of of the Artists’ Tracks are Being Played on SoundCloud.

Shockingly, out of the 30 million artists on the streaming platform, ideal 48% possess the passion of SoundCloud customers monthly. Here is a trademark that most of musicians chase unheard.

15. When Asked, 60% of Users Confirmed They Consult with the SoundCloud Platform Thru Their Browsers.

SoundCloud secures second characteristic for essentially the most visited song-streaming platforms in the realm. Statistics demonstrate that browser visits contribute to a lot of the SoundCloud net site traffic at 60%. Other net site traffic sources, equivalent to search, social media, and referrals, legend for 17.8%, 9.5%, and 2.5%, respectively.

16. A SoundCloud Person’s Average Day-to-day Listening Time is Approximately Four Minutes.

On common, a SoundCloud particular person listens to song on the SoundCloud platform for 3 minutes and 48 seconds day-to-day. Frequent listeners legend for 30%, spending over 11 hours weekly on the SoundCloud characteristic or utility.

Monetary SoundCloud Statistics

Financial SoundCloud Statistics

17. The Valuation of this Very just correct Tune-streaming Platform is Estimated to be $900 Million in 2021.

SoundCloud became valued at $500 million in 2017, indicating a 28% decrease from its outdated valuation in 2014. Other research files finds the logo’s price in 2022 became $80 million. The firm had grown financially, and its valuation in 2023 hit $1 billion.

18. Since its Inception, the Tag’s Quarterly Income Top became Attained in the Fourth Quarter of 2019.

Exchange has no longer been a bed of roses for a firm cherish SoundCloud. The very ideal-ever profit generated by this tag since it became primarily based in 2007 became in Q4 2019, hitting $200 million. Income assert skyrocketed as the years handed, with broad proof of a 43% year-over-year bag bigger in Q4 2019.

19. In 2020, the SoundCloud App Ranked Fourth Among the Highest Income-earning Tune Applications.

Pandora tops the checklist of song-streaming services with major earnings; YouTube Tune and Amazon Tune path carefully at the lend a hand of. SoundCloud occupied the fourth characteristic on the checklist of revenue-earning song apps in 2020.

20. SoundCloud Laid Off About 40% of its Workers in 2017 and Closed Two Major Workplaces in High Locations.

The principal song-streaming platform confronted a industry setback, which resulted in the closing of two of its offices in San Francisco and London. That wasn’t the cease; SoundCloud equipped off 40% of the firm in the identical year. This steer clear off the firm from operating out of cash in what looked cherish a closing shot at survival. Although the firm got some financial injections in the identical year, statistics from totally different years display financial uncertainty in some years.

21. Between 2016 and 2017, SoundCloud Experienced Vital Enhance in Income by up to 80%.

Monetary experiences from the firm demonstrate that during this period, its revenue increased tremendously to extra than $100 million in 2017. No topic experiencing losses, the firm’s revenue confirmed year-on-year international assert of 80%, making essentially the most eminent financial boost in ancient previous.

22. The Raine Group Invested Around $169.5 Million in SoundCloud in 2017.

In a open up to keep SoundCloud from going bankrupt in 2017, The Raine Group and Temasek Holdings collectively invested around $169.5 million into it. Along with to, the song-streaming platform skilled good enhance from external establishments over time.

23. In 2020, One more Firm Named Sirius XM Invested $75 Million into this Tune-streaming Provider.

The enhance of its partners completely helped SoundCloud overcome its financial difficulties, and it continues to assemble as a prime audio-sharing platform. Along with to to the financial relieve received from The Raine Group and others, Sirius XM invested $75 million.

SoundCloud Enhance Statistics

SoundCloud Growth Statistics

24. Twelve Hours of Recent Tune, Audio, or Podcasts are Uploaded to the SoundCloud Platform Every Minute.

This song-streaming platform is crucial for artists to showcase their train to the realm, connect to their followers, and receive solutions. In accordance with statistics, SoundCloud streams broad amounts of train, in particular 12 hours of audio every minute.

25. For Now, the Paid Membership Applications for Tune Listeners are SoundCloud Traipse and SoundCloud Traipse+.

The firm affords two diverse membership capabilities for listeners: SoundCloud Traipse and SoundCloud Traipse+. The SoundCloud Traipse is on hand for subscribers, giving unlimited offline entry and an advert-free carrier. The SoundCloud Traipse+ subscription affords a staggering 30 million top price tracks, an auditory pleasure for song followers and audiophiles alike. Along with to to the assorted tracks, SoundCloud Traipse+ affords greater audio quality.

26. To Upload Tune on the SoundCloud Platform, Creators Have to Stamp an Story.

As a creator, that you just can possibly like an legend to abolish entry so that you just can add song on the platform. This platform showcases your musical works with other song distribution services. As of 2021, the SoundCloud platform boasts an spectacular 30 million+ creators with a colossal checklist of audio and song tracks. Statistics additionally demonstrate roughly 25 million creators on SoundCloud in 2020. Here is to demonstrate the growth in the creator neighborhood, which due to this truth resulted in SoundCloud supporting the neighborhood.

27. SoundCloud Bought Two Acquisitions After its Institution.

Although SoundCloud skilled some financial hiccups, the firm has grown thru acquisitions. Since its inception, SoundCloud received a song management startup firm, Instinctive, in June 2012 and a distribution channel firm, Repost Community, in Could possibly well 2019. The song-streaming platform additionally received the Singapore-primarily based song AI Firm named Musiio in Could possibly well 2022. Soundcloud purchased the logo to bag bigger the rep characteristic’s discovery capabilities.

28. Fortunately, Around 80,000 Artists Use the Repost Community to Circulation Their Tune Online.

The Repost Community became to relieve artists in making a dwelling off their inventive output. Statistics demonstrate that over 80,000 artists spread and monetize their train with SoundCloud’s distribution carrier, Repost Community.


Every person loves paying consideration to a tune, even supposing individual kinds fluctuate. You could factor in how demanding it will even be must that you just can additionally’t circulate your licensed playlists on the chase. SoundCloud comes in here. SoundCloud’s strange formula let customers add, circulate, and portion song and podcasts on the chase, wherever and on every occasion.

The platform affords free and paid subscriptions with advert-free listening and offline listening choices for followers. This text shares some animated info about SoundCloud and analyzes the most contemporary statistics, including the on hand subscription capabilities. We comprise got additionally reviewed very crucial utilization and financial statistics of this leading song-streaming platform to lend a hand you resolve if SoundCloud fits your streaming requirements this year.


What’s the price of SoundCloud customers in rural and concrete areas?

This song-streaming platform has extra customers in urban areas than in rural localities. The rural areas comprise about 48% of listeners, and the urban areas comprise a limited bit extra than half (52%).

How lengthy does a listener exercise on the SoundCloud app day-to-day?

A median visitor spends at the least 3 and 48 seconds day-to-day paying consideration to audio on this platform.

Is there powerful train on hand on SoundCloud for listeners?

Curiously, the song-streaming platform shines amongst other streaming platforms with an wide checklist of audio train. The platform affords listeners entry to a diverse array of audio and podcasts, as many as 250 million tracks.

How originate listeners entry the SoundCloud platform?

Statistics demonstrate that as powerful as 60% of customers of SoundCloud consult with immediately thru browsers. 17.8% of searches, 9.5% of social media, and 2.5% of referrals constitute the net site traffic on SoundCloud.

What’s essentially the most listened-to song kind on SoundCloud?

Hip-hop and R&B are essentially the most performed song on this very just correct song-streaming platform at 60%. Comedy and Pop be aware, taking the platform’s second and third most listened-to kind.


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