10 years with esports org Workforce Liquid: A dialog with Juan “Hungrybox” Debiedma

By Alexander Lee  •  May perhaps well perhaps 29, 2024  •

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As of 2024, prominent “Immense Fracture Bros.” participant Juan “Hungrybox” Debiedma has been a member of Workforce Liquid for over 10 years. The decade-plus collaboration shows how gaming creators occupy benefited from esports organizations’ prolonged-timeframe reach to skills management.

Last month marked Debiedma’s tenth 300 and sixty five days as a member of Workforce Liquid, a Dutch esports group that boasts a worldwide fan depraved. After becoming a member of the team in April 2014, he spent years as the field’s finest “Immense Fracture Bros. Melee” participant, then leaned into explain material creation to develop his following on Twitch to practically 500,000. In 2021, he became a ingredient-owner of Workforce Liquid after buying a minority stake within the company.

For the time being, Debiedma is in point of fact apt one of many longest-tenured creators on the roster of any significant esports group. To be taught why he’s caught with Workforce Liquid for goodbye, Digiday spoke to the Twitch streamer for an annotated Q&A.

This dialog has been edited and condensed for length and readability.

On his responses to provides from various esports organizations


“At any time when that it’s took place, I perfect fling to Liquid and teach, ‘Hey, I in reality occupy this part on the table, but I’d moderately refer to you guys as a replacement, because I mediate we can work on one thing better collectively.’ It’s treasure when the pandemic took place, and I became a mighty bigger explain material creator. I reached out to [Team Liquid co-CEO] Steve [Arhancet] and I stated, ‘Pause we work on a brand novel contract that better shows what my price is price to the team perfect now, given everything that’s going down?’ The day of — the hour of — me making that textual explain material, we perfect hashed it out perfect then and there.”


Debiedma’s memoir about his transition from competitor to explain material creator shows Workforce Liquid’s solid determining of the changing nature of esports. In 2024, opponents becoming creators shows a development different for esports organizations — which is one motive Arhancet might maybe even honest had been so enthusiastic to purchase Debiedma’s call. Having a roster of creators permits esports organizations to plug their stamp partners into an engaged viewers without paying the overhead charges that come with working aggressive gaming teams. Though Workforce Liquid is an organization rooted in opponents, it has the infrastructure to enable its individuals to dip into both opponents and creation as a replacement of picking one lane.

On how esports orgs can work in tandem with extra feeble skills management


“Over the final few years, I’ve been working with Underscore Expertise, perfect because it gave me extra alternatives to abolish the most of my circulation or my likeness as a explain material creator and an influencer, and so they came across me some in reality genuine deals, too. However Liquid themselves has also introduced me incredibly amazing deals over the past few years. In some unspecified time in the future, I’m hoping there might maybe even additionally be some blueprint of harmony and collaboration that enables for better communication if a deal falls out of the sky. Obviously, that has been stressful to navigate.”


Debiedma’s retort to this ask shows how dedicated skills management and esports group skills management will now not be mutually abnormal practices. Like Debiedma, many gaming creators can and enact wait on from both forms of management, despite the actual fact that some friction is inevitable.

“Most of our skills occupy skills managers outdoors of our group moreover to their dedicated skills managers internal Workforce Liquid,” stated Workforce Liquid senior director of skills Jena Gares. “We contend with solid working relationships with all of our counterparts, which is extremely helpful for our skills as they’ve extra of us to make stronger them and force their success.”

On the role of team possession and resolution-making energy in his resolution to stay around


“I believed to myself, maybe I am supposed to be extra than perfect a man who clicks the button — and maybe, in some unspecified time in the future, I will occupy even extra of a role in an esports org, given what I do know and the input that I might maybe provide. So now Liquid, because they peek me as a explain material creator and an influencer, occupy given me extra creative license, in a diagram, on how I desire issues to happen, and so they’ve also trusted my input into picking up gamers.”


As Debiedma takes on a extra energetic role within the management of Workforce Liquid, his experience shows how esports organizations’ prolonged-survey reach to the distance might maybe even additionally be helpful to the gamers on their rosters. Being allotment of an esports group equivalent to Liquid can abet amplify a digital creator’s effective shelf lifestyles, both by giving them profession constructing alternatives beyond explain material creation and by permitting them to correct now wait on from Liquid’s efforts to blueprint generational fandom within the distance.

“Workforce Liquid fosters a public stamp identity and legacy, aligning creators with our values and prestige. Becoming a member of Workforce Liquid feels transformational, as skills turn out to be allotment of a household, sharing in aggressive success and camaraderie,” Gares stated. “This relationship can abet creators develop and extend their relevancy beyond their hold, doubtlessly spanning generations.”

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