“Y’all Going to Pay Contend with Jay-Z”: Invoice Haney Warns Bernard Hopkins, Floyd Mayweather, and Ryan Garcia within the Shadow of Shoulder Roll

So the predominant of the two-metropolis press conferences to kick off the Ryan GarciaDevin Haney war concluded sometime within the past. The duo will slug it out on April 20 at Contemporary York’s Barclays Heart for the WBC light welterweight title, for the time being held by Haney. The meet-up didn’t disappoint those purchasing for a fiery change. But then the match additionally held up to moments of enjoyment. Seemingly, Garcia and Bernard Hopkins patched things up among themselves.

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Invoice Haney used to be latest on the voice. As usual, he had accompanied his son via your total presser. Later, he made some time to raise a parting shot for Team Garcia. He warned ‘KingRy’ about the tempest he used to be about to face. But, in parallel, Haney Senior didn’t draw back from taking a dig on the brand new-stumbled on bonhomie between the latter and ‘B-Hop’ either.

Wake-Up Call ‘KingRy’: Invoice Haney 


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First got right here the designate of things to approach abet. Invoice Haney known as out Ryan Garcia without lengthen. He exhorted the young boxer to think again if the stress to war Devin Haney used to be an excessive amount of for him. “Here’s a message to Ryan: if it gets too refined, purchase a knee. It’s simplest 30 minutes—36 minutes of beating. Without a doubt, it’s more straightforward for me to speak cuz you the one who got to purchase it. You talked the total sh*t that you talked, and now you bought to pay for it.

The following short time went panning Bernard Hopkins. On the different hand, therefore, Haney Senior shared his appreciation for Oscar De La Hoya. Particularly, he seems impressed by the latter’s characteristic in getting the war abet on observe.

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But per chance he wasn’t mild executed with ‘B-Hop’ and Ryan Garcia. Devin Haney’s father fired a salvo at what regarded fancy a restored rapport between the two.

Renewed friendship between Ryan Garcia and Bernard Hopkins below scrutiny

He urged the frail world champion-grew to become promoter to coach the young apprentice ‘shoulder roll’. “You know particular uh uh takeaway shot to Bernard and…Ryan but I’m chuffed they made up, so purchase him…Bernard and gift him that shoulder roll,” he said.

At last, including Floyd Mayweather Jr., he quoted a widely known line from narrative Jay-Z. For whatever effort they attach in, it isn’t going to be their day on April 20. Invoice Haney said, “Bernard Floyd Ryan, all y’all birthday celebration ain’t none of that sh*t going to aid on 4/20; it’s lit and all people’s in it, and y’all going to pay for the total sh*t fancy Jay-Z says, ‘from all them years that you retain us’ yeah, you going to pay 4/20 is smoke, and we ain’t letting up.”


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Issues reportedly went south between Ryan Garcia and Oscar De La Hoya after the Gervonta Davis (now Abdul Wahid) war. At last, it even resulted in the promoter filing a lawsuit in opposition to the boxer. But then the battle reared its head again last December. Especially, both Hopkins and Garcia grabbed predominant headlines for a much-publicized discord at some point of the times resulting within the Oscar Duarte war.


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Taking over the purpose Invoice Haney raised, finish you foresee Ryan Garcia resorting to the ‘Philly Roll’ within the Devin Haney war as he did at some point of the Oscar Duarte bout?

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