Top 10 Esports Games | What Are the Largest Paying Esports in 2024?

It’s a truth – the esports industry is a titan that refuses to decelerate. Over time, the esports industry is increasing by surprise, and with each and each passing day, more video games floor and more prize money changes fingers. Each and each year, unusual tournaments and expert avid gamers seem, and prize swimming pools change into more worthy. That’s along with sponsorships, media affords, and merchandise gross sales. So, let’s steal a scrutinize on the tip 10 esports video games in 2024 and resolve which of them will pay the most money.

There are quite a bit to salvage from. It doesn’t topic while you’re a fan of racing video games or shooters, there’s an esports title available for you. Need to you’re an aspiring esports competitor, then scroll down and verify out the most helpful esports video games in the industry upright now. It’d be that you’re already proficient at loads of of these video games, which’ll give you an understanding of where to aim and where to hone your skills.

Here we scamper – these are the tip 10 esports video games on this planet upright now. Below, we’ve aged recordsdata from EsportsEarnings – accumulate pleasure from!

Top 10 Esports Games

Counter-Strike 2

Counter-Strike 2 turned into launched in the 2d half of of 2023 as a straight follow-on from CSGO. It proved to be a mountainous success, with hundreds and hundreds of avid gamers getting on board. Alternatively, the sport’s esports scene remained the equivalent, and for the most fragment, teams, avid gamers, and tournaments all retained the equivalent construction, swimming pools, and mechanics. It’s without issues regarded as one of the most tip 10 esports video games on this planet by numbers on my own.

No longer only does Counter-Strike boast a multi-billion-dollar discover-to-discover pores and skin procuring and selling market, but tens of hundreds and hundreds of dollars secure modified fingers at some level of esports tournaments. It’s a dramatically highly efficient sport that has spearheaded the enlargement of the esports industry. Here’s the records on Counter-Strike 2 as regarded as one of the most one esports video games:

  • $162,236,209 in prize money
  • 16423 expert avid gamers
  • 6962 esports tournaments


PUBG pioneered the fight royale genre and popularised the understanding, allowing others to follow and salvage their delight in ranges of greatness. It’s regarded as one of the most tip 10 esports video games ever made, boasting a helpful cellular scene along with a PC-based totally totally ecosystem. A entire bunch of hundreds and hundreds of members play this free-to-play fight royale, and it has a dedicated and loving neighborhood using the ongoing success of the sport ever forward.

There are no indicators that PUBG is going to decelerate any time soon. Here’s the records:

  • $139,831,255 in prize money
  • 7816 expert avid gamers
  • 903 tournaments

Dota 2

Dota 2 is a powerhouse of a sport that boasts about a of the most helpful tournaments in esports, along side The Global, an annual ‘mega tournament’ with an out of this world prize pool. It has been around for more than ten years and is idea of as one of the most popular esports video games without ask. In phrases of numbers, it’s the most helpful sport in the esports industry, however it’s a complex one and complex to be taught, so beginners are typically postpone.

Here’s the records for Dota 2:

  • $341,827,499 in prize money
  • 4839 expert avid gamers
  • 1866 tournaments


Fortnite is the field’s most current fight royale sport, boasting an truthful and hugely winning free-to-play working model that has attracted hundreds of hundreds and hundreds of avid gamers. It’s a family name and cherished by hundreds and hundreds of members across the field, and it also has a inviting esports scene. There are a quantity of grassroots esports tournaments across the field associated to Fortnite, but that smaller scale hasn’t stopped it from being a hugely helpful sport.

Here is the records for Fortnite:

  • $177,426,110 in prize money
  • 9131 expert avid gamers
  • 2113 tournaments

League of Legends

League of Legends is idea of as one of the most inviting and diverse esports titles on Earth. It’s immensely current and hugely helpful, and yearly, the League of Legends World Championship sets unusual viewership records with ease. It’s changing into more highly efficient over time, and there are no indicators of League of Legends slowing down any time soon. Within the MOBA place, League of Legends and Dota 2 rule the roost, despite the proven truth that smaller video games like SMITE are also current.

Here’s the records for League of Legends:

  • $107,910,240 in prize money
  • 9361 expert avid gamers
  • 2931 tournaments


VALORANT is idea of as one of the most most modern video games to manufacture this checklist, having been launched in 2020. It has gathered coast remarkably rapid, rising to scenario the likes of Counter-Strike and Overwatch. It fuses hero shooter parts with tactical shooter gameplay, and it has been a success with fans since the day it dropped. It has paved the technique for a tag esports ecosystem that’s appreciated across the field, and as a various sport, it has something for everyone. It’s quiet on the arrive up even supposing, and that technique that there’s quite a bit in retailer for VALORANT’s esports scene. It’s regarded as one of the most tip 10 esports video games with none insist.

Listed below are the metrics for VALORANT:

  • $25,554,771 in prize money
  • 6946 expert avid gamers
  • 1221 tournaments

Rocket League

Rocket League takes soccer and excessive-powered, jet-pushed autos and puts them in the equivalent sport. In Rocket League, avid gamers must adjust a small, jet-powered vehicle, attempting to ‘kick’ a enormous ball into a score. It’s a sport of skill, timing, and ways, and it has a solid skill gap and a stiff finding out curve. There’s no query it’s regarded as one of the most one esports video games, even supposing. It has a inviting neighborhood backing it up, and since going free-to-play, it has generated hundreds and hundreds of avid gamers.

Here’s the records for Rocket League:

  • $36,102,788 in prize money
  • 4225 expert avid gamers
  • 3891 tournaments

Call of Responsibility

Call of Responsibility has a legendary competitive plot that goes abet more than ten years. It has by no technique been the most popular esports sport, however it’s regarded as one of the most tip 10 esports video games in phrases of overall earnings. It has the aptitude to turn avid gamers into hundreds and hundreds – and it has executed loads of cases. There’s a cellular scene, a fight royale sport, and the core multiplayer abilities, all of which fabricate for a primarily helpful and profitable esports scene. We’ve put the records below to indicate your entire ecosystem of Call of Responsibility.

Here’s the records:

  • $93,764,948 in prize money
  • 7556 expert avid gamers
  • 377 tournaments

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege is a multi-platform, lengthy-form esports sport with deal of meat on the bones. It’s fragment of the legendary Rainbow Six series, which has roots in the 1990s. As an esports sport, Rainbow Six Siege enjoys astronomical prize swimming pools and a monumental following. It’s also a ideally suited sport that many hundreds and hundreds of avid gamers accumulate pleasure from, despite the proven truth that it’d be a runt complex and daunting for beginners. It turned into developed by Ubisoft and the agency has worked annoying to toughen it for nearly a decade.

Here’s the records for Rainbow Six Siege:

  • $41,490,379.29 in prize money
  • 3019 expert avid gamers
  • 556 tournaments

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a fight royale with futuristic parts, serving as a accelerate-off to the Titanfall series that wowed avid gamers more than a decade ago. It’s a ideally suited sport with quite a bit to give, along side a inviting and ever-current esports ecosystem that most ceaselessly beats Call of Responsibility Warzone’s plot. It’s a hugely current sport that many hundreds and hundreds of members accumulate pleasure from, and whenever you’ve got the hang of about a of the hero characters, you’ll be flying across the plan and snatching wins.

Here’s the records:

  • $28,896,613 in prize money
  • 2277 expert avid gamers
  • 724 tournaments

For more industry recordsdata, slay tuned to Esports.score

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