Tall Bowl 2024: Andy Reid calls a timeout, fails to predicament third-down position in costly sequence for Chiefs

AFC Championship - Kansas City Chiefs v Baltimore Ravens
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Andy Reid modified into as soon as regarded as one of essentially the most attention-grabbing coaches in NFL history, but even the Kansas City Chiefs head coach has a flaw in his game that has been positioned on gaze over the course of his 25 years main the sidelines. 

Travis Kelce caught a 9-yard roam on second-and-10 at the Chiefs’ 2-yard line, but Kelce looked to fetch a unfortunate position at the conclusion of the secure — main to a third-and-1 at the 10. Reid called a timeout to blueprint up a third-and-1 play, but did not challeneg the position.

In most cases, Reid appropriate determined to call a timeout. No predicament are attempting, then Pacheco modified into as soon as stopped for no accept on third-and-1.

The Chiefs punted, however the possession might possibly well had been longer if Reid would have attempted to predicament the position. Unquestionably not Reid’s most attention-grabbing second a steh Chiefs have appropriate two field dreams thru eight Tall Bowl possessions. 

Kansas City will most seemingly be 0 for 2 in the red zone, with a turnover and a brief field aim. Components are laborious to attain by, and Reid burned a timeout early in the third quarter of a one-rating game. 

That will possibly well attain back to haunt Kansas City. 

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