Shedeur Sanders: I procedure now now not glimpse a quarterback that’s better than me in the 2024 NFL draft

Colorado quarterback Shedeur Sanders decided to support playing for his father Deion as an different of enter the 2024 NFL draft, but if he had turned pro, he thinks he’d be the highest quarterback on this year’s class.

“I’m biased, but I don’t glimpse a quarterback that’s better than me,” Sanders informed “I don’t glimpse a quarterback that went by as mighty adversity as me, that had four [offensive coordinators] in four years. “Coming from an HBCU, coming to a Vitality Five [program], having staunch pressure on me. A ramification of of us don’t realize, that’s mighty more adversity than you imagine correct even being the son of Deion Sanders.”

Few would have confidence Sanders that he is a better pro prospect than USC’s Caleb Williams or North Carolina’s Drake Maye, but Sanders believes he is accomplished more with his alternatives than different quarterbacks maintain with theirs.

“You set apart any of those guys in [my] pain, they’re now now not doing that. I respect their game, I respect what they’re doing because to be ready to be a indispensable-round draft employ, to be ready to maintain success on the world, it takes diverse exhausting work and spine and all the pieces. But basically the most pressure and the safest bet is me.”

Sanders can maintain a risk this season to command his case that he deserves to be the first employ in the 2025 NFL draft.

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