RB insists Ricciardo “fully” gentle in a put to elevate at his most attention-grabbing in F1

The Australian has had a tense initiate to the 2024 campaign as he has not chanced on himself as assured with the going through of the VCARB 01 as team-mate Yuki Tsunoda.

His struggles even prompted speculation that he would be dropped sooner than the raze of the campaign if issues did not toughen by the summer crash.

On the different hand, off the aid of a extra encouraging showing in recent races, which coincided with a recent chassis in China, RB has made it certain that it maintains total faith in what Ricciardo is in a put to construct.

And while there is gentle some extra work to be done to gain Ricciardo extra cheerful with how the car behaves, RB team main Laurent Mekies has no doubts that the eight-time immense prix winner is the factual man to gain the job done.

Requested by if the team felt Ricciardo has precisely the identical doable because it saw on his F1 return final year, Mekies said: “Yeah, fully.

“It is the DNA of our job to strive to title what automobile living-up is wished for both the car and the drivers to construct at their most attention-grabbing, and that is what we are doing with both our drivers.

“We now gain viewed a sturdy growth from Yuki and we are seeing a Daniel getting relief on his trajectory.”

Daniel Ricciardo, VCARB 01

Daniel Ricciardo, VCARB 01

Photo by: Zak Mauger / Motorsport Pictures

While Ricciardo has yet to score any good points to this point this year, Mekies feels that low success has had a better characteristic in that than a incapacity.

He says that growth has been certain to glimpse since the Saudi Arabian Mighty Prix, but laborious results were disguised by unexpected incidents devour his lap one exit in Japan and being hit by Lance Stroll within the aid of the safety automobile in China.

“Already in Saudi, we were beginning to inform that we were seeing stuff that made us know the plan one may well per chance make stronger him better,” added Mekies. “So yeah, the trajectory is correct.

“We now haven’t reached the enact line there and now we gain about a issues mid-time frame coming to aid him in fact feel better within the car and to make certain that our automobile suits his using sort the most attention-grabbing.

“However in fact this may occasionally be a correct self belief boost to glimpse that there’s tangible growth devour we saw over [the China] weekend.”

Laurent Mekies of Visa Cash App RB talks to Daniel Ricciardo, RB F1 Team

Laurent Mekies of Visa Money App RB talks to Daniel Ricciardo, RB F1 Crew

Photo by: Pink Bull Whisper Pool

And while Ricciardo has confronted criticisms from initiate air, Mekies has said that internally the team has viewed nothing but resolution from him to gain on top of the complications he has confronted.

“Unlike what’s per chance perceived from the initiate air, all over all this not easy initiate to the season, he has been very centered, very composed, very rational about it,” he said.

“We checked out the limitations of the car, and what he wished to scramble quicker. Among the steps that you can enact immediate, but first you wish to comprehend it. Then if you’ll gain understood, about a of the steps that you can act immediate, and some others will make a selection extra time.

“We now gain tried to tick as many containers as we would additionally, but we in fact don’t conclude here.”

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