Over 100 educated triathletes at IM Pro Series debut in Oceanside

As the Ironman Pro Series makes its debut on the 2024 IM 70.3 Oceanside triathlon in California, the match organising team facets to a deep subject of educated triathletes on the originate up-line.

The principle stay for the Ironman Pro Series will seek over 100 of the sector’s high educated triathletes descend on Southern California and the birthplace of triathlon to battle for part of the US$50,000 match prize purse.

The Ironman Pro Series kick-off items elite athletes on a course against a portion of the US$1.7 million 365 days-stay bonus prize purse and the title of Ironman Pro Series Champion.

Headliners akin to Tamara Jewett, Taylor Knibb, Fenella Langridge, Paula Findlay, and Emma Pallant-Browne lead the female subject, while the boys will seek two-time Ironman World Champion Patrick Lange in conjunction with Lionel Sanders, Jackson Laundry, Joe Skipper, Braden Currie and Sam Long among others.

Athletes will originate up the 2024 IM 70.3 Oceanside streak with a 1.2-mile swim ranging from the beach into the Pacific Ocean. Athletes will swim previous the break and into the harbour and exit the swim on the Oceanside Harbor Boat Inaugurate as they transfer into transition.

The 56-mile bike direction takes the triathletes from the Oceanside Harbor throughout the Marine Corps Rotten Camp Pendleton, tackling several phenomenal climbs within this active navy incorrect sooner than returning to the harbour.

The 2-loop, 13.1-mile flee direction begins at transition within Oceanside Harbor and takes athletes along The Strand and through coastal neighbourhoods sooner than a attain below the Oceanside Pier.

To boot to the elite subject, approximately 3,000 age neighborhood athletes will compete on the 2024 Ironman 70.3 Oceanside triathlon alongside the professionals on the identical direction, having a ponder about to make age neighborhood qualifying slots to the 2024 IM 70.3 World Championship taking region on December 14-15, 2024 in Taupō, New Zealand.

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