Joaquin Buckley believes Ariel Helwani and other media participants strive and harm the careers of warring parties: “I shouldn’t non-public even took the interview”

Buckley’s Helwani frustration

“So I used to be excellent doing Ariel Helwani’s account for and to be true, I’m no longer a monumental fan of Ariel because when he be having warring parties on, he be love, atmosphere them up with questions that will even potentially damage a mom’s career when you happen to divulge the scandalous element. On the tip of the day, it is miles a enterprise and Ariel, yeah he’s big at what he does for his job, true, however for me, I basically feel love he been engaging distinct issues throughout the alternate that will even damage distinct warring parties.”

“I shouldn’t non-public even took the interview, I ain’t even gonna stunt because it had me feeling some capacity and it had me out of personality on his account for, however I basically feel love quite loads of the media, when they fabricate no longer promote us in the sunshine that we must peaceful, I basically basically feel love they diminish who we are as a persona, as human beings.”

Quotes through MMA Files

Invent you compromise with any of the feedback made by Joaquin Buckley? What fabricate you mediate is next for him in the UFC? Suppose us, BJPENN Nation!

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