Golf followers pile on Chris DiMarco amid greedy, ludicrous PGA Tour Champions need

Chris DiMarco, a 3-time PGA Tour winner, these days joined the Subpar podcast with Colt Knost and Drew Stoltz.

While on the uncover, DiMarco expressed his displeasure with the sum of money gamers on the PGA Tour Champions invent, calling it a “joke.”

“We’re more or less hoping that LIV buys the Champions Tour,” DiMarco said with a snigger.

“Let’s play for moderately proper money out right here. I mean, right here’s more or less a joke after we’re getting $2 million. There had been like seven guys last week from TPC [Sawgrass] that made additional money than our purses.”

With the emergence of LIV, followers had been grew to turned into off by the sum of money being infused into the sport.

So when a participant who has made more than $22 million to play golf all over his profession cries for more, safe to relate it didn’t hotfoot over smartly with followers.

That does no longer appear to be mighty for a champion tbh

— orbem tsurt (@dvk415) March 28, 2024

That’s why YouTubers are rising in the golf jabber, it’s fun, relaxed and to boot they aren’t whining about no longer making additional money. On the least different professional athletes are admitting that’s it’s got money.

— Bill Ranson, PGA (@BillRansonGolf) March 27, 2024

Most of us would dream of making that more or less money over their profession. And he made it hitting a golf ball. BFD. Sorry, nonetheless greed appears to be the king of professional golf now at the tip level and at a undeniable point the fashioned golfer will tire of it and switch it off.

— J LEW (@JLew820) March 27, 2024

Need I could perhaps perhaps easiest golf for a living for a paltry $2 million a one year. Presumably payouts like to develop more with ratings and TV earnings. LIV forced the PGA Tour to enlarge their payouts, presumably they want to originate a LIV champions tour.

— DAVE (@DAVE53567718) March 28, 2024

As the last fan identified, there might be mighty less viewership for the Champions Tour. Meaning there might be mighty less advert earnings, and no additional money to be disbursed to gamers. It’s moderately straightforward truly.

It’s unclear whether DiMarco became fascinated with the LIV element. He does alternatively sound as if he’s bitter about the purse sizes on the senior circuit. Nonetheless that factual comes all over greedy and tone deaf.

Golf influencer Paige Spiranac threw DiMarco below the bus on social media, pointing to the same thing many followers truly feel. The conversation spherical golfers and money has turned into a scenario and if something doesn’t swap, might perhaps perhaps injure the bottom line of the sport overall.

Kendall Capps is the Senior Editor of SB Nation’s Playing Thru. For more golf protection, apply us @_PlayingThrough on all foremost social media platforms.

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