Gervonta Davis Exposes the Truth About Floyd Mayweather’s Reward: “He Didn’t Take hang of Me a Dwelling”

At one level in time, many believed that Gervonta Davis became the indomitable prodigy of Floyd Mayweather. Such assumptions were rooted in how halt the ragged welterweight champion and ‘Tank’ were. One such rumor amongst these tales became that Mayweather proficient Tank a residence. Years later, when the rumor aloof found its manner on social media, the younger fighter broke his silence on these experiences.

2 years after he became pro, Tank signed with Mayweather Promotions. After reaching a well-known win 22 situation in his career, assuming the put of residing of a number one boxer, the two boxing entities drifted apart in 2020. In the starting, they underscored how cordial this split became. On the other hand, through the years, some cracks bear advance to gentle. Now, as he tried to clarify if Mayweather brought him a residence or no longer, Davis threw gentle at these cracks.

Put out of your mind the residence. Why is Gervonta Davis salty towards Mayweather?


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On X, a fan nudged the 29-yr-frail fighter to advance support the total money over to Mayweather that he had spent to bag Tank a residence. With this quiz, the fan furthermore gave context as to when ‘Money’ had bought the property for the fighter. Earlier than being the unusual face of boxing, Gervonta Davis didn’t bear a residence himself. It is on this context that a fan determined to purchase a dig at Tank. In the post, they wrote, “Dash give Floyd his a reimbursement for the residence he bought you whilst you became sofa surfing and you sold it you bum…” In response, the fighter clarified, “Lol, he didn’t put off me a residence you rattling idiot.”

Lol, he didn’t put off me a residence you rattling idiot

— Gervonta Davis (@Gervontaa) April 26, 2024

It began earlier the day earlier than currently after Davis, in an Instagram chronicle, claimed that Floyd Mayweather became being held in Dubai and he wasn’t allowed to depart away. The fighter has been within the UAE for moderately a whereas now. Additional airing these rumors, Tank alleged that Mayweather became caught in Dubai in gentle of the total money he owed to americans there. Whereas replying to a fan who puzzled this deliver of his asking if the 47-yr-frail fighter became essentially “held hostage,” he answered on the microblogging space, saying, “He gotta pay them americans who a reimbursement..if I’m mendacity bid him to depart dwell rn…” 


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An ardent fan of Mayweather then took shots at Davis, for turning on the legendary boxer after accepting favors from him that integrated the supposed residence. It is to this post that Tank answered alongside with his revelation. Whereas he’s denying that he acquired a residence from Mayweather, there are other gifts he’s acquired from the fighter.

The issues Floyd Mayweather bought Tank

About a years within the past, in a dialog with DJ VLAD, the Baltimore native became quizzed about his relationship with ‘Pretty Boy’ even prior to he signed with the latter’s promotions. In response, the fighter revealed that even prior to their promotional deal became inked on paper, he became furnished with lavish gifts. He famend, “Uh, no I asked [was] what [Floyd] for the total summer season prior to I signed with him prior to I even signed something on paper he already bought me cars, he bought me jewellery and issues adore that.”


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No subject their on-and-off rocky relationship after their split, Tank has been on the receiving discontinuance of lawful advice from Mayweather Promotions. In his closing yr’s strive in opposition to in opposition to Ryan Garcia, Leonard Ellerbe, CEO of Mayweather Promotions, acted as Gervonta Davis’ advisor. Mayweather furthermore joined the strive in opposition to night to cheer for Tank. Put up the strive in opposition to, after Davis had registered a groundbreaking purchase, the two of them left together as effectively.

What enact you’re taking into myth the relationship between Tank and Mayweather? Allow us to know within the comments fragment below.

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