From Torn Tendons to Separated Shoulders: Here Is the List of Every Injury Suffered by Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

Whereas he’s an inspiration for all and sundry to live their easiest lives, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s body is no less of a battlefield. The 51-365 days-archaic star has been in a dwelling to gain himself in essentially the most attention-grabbing shape seemingly with many of us pondering about him as their role mannequin. Earlier than WrestleMania XL, he’s relief having a perceive bigger, meaner, and badder. On the opposite hand, pondering about the incontrovertible fact that it could possibly possibly maybe be an extended weekend for the star, the query is whether or no longer his body will likely be in a dwelling to deal with the extra work. Whereas we’d no longer have the reply to it, we attain uncover out about the whole injuries he has suffered over time.

Dwayne Johnson’s arsenal of injuries

The Brahma Bull‘s long list of injuries came to light relief in 2021. The star shared a portray on his Instagram the establish he’s going to be viewed having a recovery session. Underneath the image, he detailed all of the injuries he has suffered over time. He mentioned that he has had 4 knee surgeries over time, torn quadriceps from his pelvis, a torn hip adductor that used to be ruptured but one more time from his pelvis, and essential of heaps of injuries.


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Here’s a listing of the whole injuries Johnson has suffered over time;

  1. 4 knee surgeries
  2. Torn quadriceps
  3. Torn adductor
  4. Triple hernia surgical treatment
  5. Ruptured Achilles’ tendon
  6. Utterly shoulder reconstruction
  7. 3 low relief disc herniations
  8. 2 low relief disc ruptures

Whereas he has no longer mentioned on what aspect of the body the injuries have occurred, it’ll be assumed that the adductor and quadriceps lope occurred on the identical aspect because of a aim we are succesful of talk about extra. These are heaps of injuries. But it is commendable to stare him serene going solid on movie units in phrases of performing his stunts.

Whereas Johnson does have a handsome physique, one query that all and sundry has asked is, why does he no longer have a six-pack physique?


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Why is The Rock six-pack less?

Johnson has been in a dwelling to assemble it to the tip of the Sexiest Man Alive list. But even the sexiest man well-liked all his flaws. For the length of an interview with Wired, he chanced on the query asking why he does no longer have six-pack abs. The Jungle Cruise star spread out a pair of match with John Cena that ended up messing with his abs. At WrestleMania 29, 2013, Johnson confronted Cena in the fundamental tournament. For the length of the bout, the 51-365 days-archaic star realized that he ended up tearing the tip of his quadriceps which is hooked as a lot as his pelvis.


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He then acknowledged that this triggered a series response which in turn ended up tearing his stomach wall. Which skill, he needed to endure surgical treatment for stomach herniation thrice. He states that while he does no longer have a six-pack-abs physique, he does have a four-and-a-half pack or every so incessantly a five-pack. But pondering about that his body is riddled with injuries, attain you mediate he stands a likelihood on the WrestleMania XL Evening 1? Allow us to understand in the feedback under.

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