Eight races for PTO in series called ‘T100’

Whereas the foremost four races had been already particular, as well to Singapore, London, Ibiza and Las Vegas, the last races of the PTO Tour enjoy factual been presented. This Three hundred and sixty five days there will even be races in Miami, California, Dubai and Oman, thus bringing the series to a total of eight events. By the procedure in which, that series will not plod by the title PTO Tour, however has been re-named to ‘T100’. That title, in spite of every little thing, refers to the distance of the PTO races (2-80-18).

The PTO kicks off the season on March 9 in Miami, earlier than racing in Singapore for the length of the weekend of 13-14 April. The principle two events will likely be followed by California (June 8-9), London (July 27-28), Ibiza (Sept. 28-29), Las Vegas (Oct. 19-20), Dubai (Nov. 16-17) and a Massive Final at a commute space in the Middle-East to be announced (Nov. 29-30). Other than for Miami and California, all races are also launch to Age Groupers. As well, the series is a collaboration between the PTO and World Triathlon. There is a 7 million dollar prize pool for the stout series.

Athletes are required to compete in no lower than six races, with their four finest performances counting. At the Massive Final, 1.5x extra sides are disbursed.

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