Daniel Cormier weighs in on Chris Weidman’s controversial victory over Bruno Silva: “It felt worship a soccer player when they gain fouled”

Cormier’s Weidman/Silva ideas

“There’s a rule in field, that if you happen to head previous a obvious point in the fight, it’s scored,” Cormier said on his ESPN uncover “Upright Man/Inferior Man” with Chael Sonnen.

“If there might be an unlawful blow, they salvage the fight and if you happen to salvage that fight, Chris Weidman wins. So I feel by them making it a resolution, it saves the fight, staying a take care of for Chris Weidman – because he with out a doubt did need to gain a victory because he fought so well. He made one point that I believed changed into once needed. He said, ‘I gain it, but Bruno Silva has to be pleased you might well well presumably’t descend to the bottom and shrink again from the fight because I might jump on you and gain the fight.’

“Chris Weidman did what his instincts instructed him, and that changed into once to head gain Bruno Silva when Bruno reacted the manner that he did from the witness lunge. I’m easiest announcing this because, to me, it felt worship a soccer player when they gain fouled and they’re rolling around on the bottom when the man barely touches them. Bruno Silva bought witness poked, but I feel he understood where he changed into once in the fight. He changed into once getting beat. He changed into once dropping. He fell to the bottom. He reacted in the manner he changed into once reacting, hoping, ‘Wait, discontinue, discontinue, discontinue, lunge to the witness. No contest.’ As an different, Weidman went and performed him.”

Quotes thru MMA Junkie

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