Cody Rhodes And The Exact Winners and Losers from WWE Backlash 2024 Match Card

The Kabuki Warriors lost the WWE Females’s Mark Crew Championship, shedding the titles to Jade Cargill and Bianca Belair in a match that used to be better and extra aggressive than someone would possibly well additionally indulge in expected.

That doesn’t erase the subpar booking of the champions entering the competition, though.

Asuka and Kairi Sane are the suitable women’s be aware crew in WWE. They’ve proved their skill to work big fits with opponents of any model or background and indulge in big presence and presentation, however it undoubtedly’s no stretch to reveal no one expected them to roll into Lyon and back their titles.

They were below no circumstances booked as skilled threats to defeat Belair and Cargill, which straight affected fans’ funding within the match.


We now indulge in got NEW WWE Females’s Mark Crew Champions at #WWEBacklash!

The fans within the LDLC Arena appreciated the circulation, popped for the shut to-falls, and even broke out a “right here is awesome” chant or two, however the speculation that The EST of WWE and the most dominant newcomer within the company would somehow lose below no circumstances crossed their minds.

That is an indictment of the creativity within the help of the match.

The Kabuki Warriors indulge in earned better than that and tranquil indulge in heaps to present the women’s division, no topic the affirm they look on. Here, though, they were handled agree with lame-duck champions whose participation used to be merely a formality.

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