Beaux Limmer NFL Draft 2024: Scouting Sage for Los Angeles Rams IOL

COLUMBIA, MO - NOVEMBER 25: Arkansas Razorbacks offensive lineman Beaux Limmer (55) before an SEC college football game between the Arkansas Razorbacks and Missouri Tigers on November 25, 2022 at Memorial Stadium in Columbia, MO. (Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire by task of Getty Pictures

HEIGHT: 6’5″


HAND: 9½”

ARM: 31⅞”


40-YARD DASH: 5.22

3-CONE: 7.47



BROAD: 9’2″


— Rangy, springy blocker with light toes and free hips.

— Can derive his hip into extension to develop sing out of his stance and hit landmarks against wide speed alignments from the pivot.

— Has the balance, quickness and grip energy to quit linked, stress and work his hips round defenders to seal off speed lanes.

— Excels on motivate blocks lining up varied alignments as a ways away as a 4i-technique.

— Fluid making adjustments on the scramble to kind via gap exchanges and loopers on twists.


— Minimal girth or sand will favor it a chore to continuously drop anchor, develop force via the ground and sit down against the bull speed.

— Will lunge with the waft into oversets and invite interior counters all over his face.

— Can derive overaggressive and fair a diminutive frenetic along with his aiming aspects, which ends up in overshooting his design in the run sport.


— 12 starts at center


— Born June 10, 2001

— 3-smartly-known person recruit from the 2020 class, per 247Sports actions

— 40 profession starts at staunch guard (27) and center (13)

— Accredited his invite to the Senior Bowl


Beaux Limmer is a three-and-a-half of-year starter basically at staunch guard earlier than he switched to center fats-time all over the 2023 season. He accrued 12 starts interior first-year offensive coordinator Dan Enos’ 60-40 run-lunge shatter up, multiple run plan. Limmer has an athletic, lean and wiry favor with very correct athletic capacity and solid play energy.

Limmer is a springy, rangy run-blocker with free hips and wiry energy who understands easy strategies to regulate leverage and positioning to stress, shield and steady blocks. He has skills in a multiple run plan executing loads of ideas, however he excels most while working zone mixtures and motivate blocks.

Limmer has the quickness and balance to hit landmarks and intersect transferring targets, however he desires to temper his overaggressive, frenetic energy to lead obvious of overshooting his design and getting beat all over his face.

In lunge protection, Limmer makes exercise of his very correct athletic capacity and reactionary quickness to derive to his spots and derive better out of compromising positions. On the opposite hand, his slim, lean favor makes it a chore to continuously anchor against the bull speed and capture the integrity of the pocket on capture attempts.

Total, Limmer is a extremely athletic, lean, nimble blocker with wiry energy who can stress to attain blocks. His vast guard skills have to a minimal of motivate him monstrous-put collectively all over the interior as a swing backup in the NFL staunch away, however his slim frame and minimal girth likely pigeonholes his path into a initiating position as a center-most productive in a zone-heavy plan.

GRADE: 6.8 (Likely Feature Participant/Contributor — 4th Spherical)



PRO COMPARISON: Daniel Kilgore

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