Bagnaia says his contact with Marquez in Jerez MotoGP battle “became as soon as orderly”

Bagnaia and Marquez locked horns with one but another in the latter phases of Sunday’s 25-lap significant prix at Jerez after early leader Jorge Martin crashed out.

Marquez chopped down a 1.2-2nd advantage Bagnaia held on lap 14 to bag interior striking differ on the 21st tour.

As Marquez threw his Gresini Ducati up the interior of Bagnaia, he ran quite broad and on the cutback into Flip 10 the pair rubbed against one but another.

Bagnaia came out on high and defended but another overtake strive on lap 22 to preserve on for the victory.

No topic the pair colliding at the Portuguese GP last month, Bagnaia says he enjoyed his battle with Marquez and felt the contact they made became as soon as done “in a orderly contrivance”.

“I enjoyed the fight plenty,” he told’s After the Flag. “For sure, in the event you fight Marc you ought to place your elbows up for the explanation that fight is intense.

“In actual fact, it became as soon as the handiest space I became as soon as in a local to defend because I became as soon as vivid perfectly that he became as soon as very stable in nook seven and eight and I became as soon as listening to each and every lap that he became as soon as closing the outlet.

“However I became as soon as if truth be told stable in the entrance of nook 9. So, I became as soon as saying to myself ‘OK, I could perhaps no longer utilize a likelihood in nook eight nonetheless I will break so tough in nook 9 to obtain a miniature advantage’.

Francesco Bagnaia, Ducati Team

Francesco Bagnaia, Ducati Physique of workers

Describe by: Gold and Goose / Motorsport Photos

“And I knew that if I became as soon as braking this tough, he became as soon as for sure going to head moderately broad. And I appropriate ancient this factor to shut the road and be in entrance again.

“Whenever you happen to fight cherish this, you set aside it on the list that you just might perhaps well obtain this contact. I believed it became as soon as moderately gentle and orderly, because I became as soon as on the interior.

“He appropriate tried to head spherical me, nonetheless as soon as we arrived to the apex we touched.

“He picked up [the bike] moderately; I appropriate leant extra because if I picked up too, I became as soon as going on the opposite aspect. So, it became as soon as contact nonetheless in a orderly contrivance.”

Earlier than Martin’s demolish, Bagnaia became as soon as space to topple 47 aspects in the attend of his Pramac rival nonetheless is now appropriate 17 adrift.

And at some level of his battle with Marquez, he admits he had no thoughts of settling for 2nd in expose to minimise a aspects loss.

“It be too soon to begin thinking about it [the title], and as soon as Jorge crashed I felt better with the bike and I started to push and I dropped the lap times moderately,” he added.

“So, no, I never idea of giving up and taking 2nd space. I’m no longer a man who in this extra or less moment likes to resign.”

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