Avenue to Paris 2024: Tag Allen on what we realized from a ‘strategic masterclass’ in Hong Kong

As athletes across the globe instruments up for the head of Olympic triathlon excellence at Paris 2024, every bound becomes a important finding out ground, offering priceless insights into what it takes to clinch the coveted podium. The weekend showdown in Hong Kong proved to be no exception.

While the roster may perchance well not agree with boasted the superstar-studded lineup of the cancelled Abu Dhabi bound, Hong Kong on the different hand served up a masterclass in strategic prowess, unveiling secrets and tactics which can perchance well spell the variation between victory and defeat on the Olympic stage.

The plod to glory

In both the boys’s and women folks’s races, a singular tactic emerged triumphant: the art work of the well-timed acceleration. Sian Rainsley of Substantial Britain etched her name for the first time as a World Cup champion by unleashing a late surge 500 meters from the lift out, leaving courageous opponents Katie Zaferes and Kirsten Kasper from the US trailing in her wake.

Following suit, Alberto Gonzalez of Spain replicated this feat, executing a clearly decisive acceleration which propelled him previous fellow countryman Antonio Serrat and Japan’s Kenji Nener within the bound’s closing levels.

One lesson gleaned from Hong Kong’s crucible of competition is crystal definite. The golden worth to glory may perchance well even be to flee up off of what already looks treasure top sustainable flee for a size of time that is longer than a classic plod to the tape.

Pack mentality

If I was as soon as going to be competing in Paris, that is one section I’d observe doing over and over and over. However that can perchance well not be the finest factor. Let’s wait on up a runt bit to secret agent what totally different lessons came from Hong Kong.

Victory in triathlon is a multi-faceted pursuit, aggravating excellence across every leg of the bound. Rising from the swim and being within the lead pack on the bike is paramount. While this pack may perchance well not constantly care for its lead, the percentages of podium success skyrocket exponentially.

Is there a third lesson? Obviously! The ladies folks’s bound underscored the well-known importance of that front pack to be cohesive. This formed the tip three indubitably in Hong Kong. Elizabeth Bravo from Ecuador didn’t make that front pack on the bike – nonetheless she practically ended up on the podium as a consequence of her flee. Staunch 7 seconds afraid of third tell, had that front pack dallied and the fling neighborhood had closed on the lead bunch by even a scant 5 seconds, the tip three will agree with been totally different.

Looking wait on to secret agent forward.

Reflecting on previous races, the Paris take a look at match provides its possess approach to priceless lessons. Alex Yee won on the flee pulling remote from the lead neighborhood with three laps to walk. No plod was as soon as wanted. No surge with 500m to walk was as soon as important. Staunch a handy e-book a rough sustainable dash that no one may perchance well match.

Alex Yee run Paris Test Event 2023 [Photo credit: World Triathlon / Wagner Araujo]
Alex Yee romps to victory at the Olympic Video games Paris Test Match in August 2023 [Photo: World Triathlon / Wagner Araujo]

What lesson comes from that? Used to be it that every person you need is a 10k that can perchance well very well be a step above everybody else. Or is there a deeper lesson, one we seen play out in Hong Kong?

Paris seen a huge pack make in both the boys’s and women folks’s races. A fair correct runner can take a seat in with that bound dynamic then step in up on the third leg for victory. Yee proved that. There was as soon as not a front neighborhood with exact a handful working collectively treasure there was as soon as in Hong Kong.

This underscores how a lead pack can affect the bound . What if in Paris we gape a breakaway pack make on the bike, person that is at a excessive passable tempo that athletes treasure Yee or Beth Potter can’t care for onto? In this area, even basically the most adept runners may perchance well earn themselves remoted, unable to bridge the ever-widening gap to the podium. They could perchance then be frolicked to dry in 4th treasure Bravo in Hong Kong.

As the triathlon world eagerly anticipates the spectacle in Paris, the teachings distilled from Hong Kong’s crucible of competition loom good. Maybe a Taylor Knibb will lead a breakaway on the bike that the sooner ladies folks runners can’t hang with.

Then all she would must care for out is agree with that first lesson realized from Hong Kong in her arsenal: be in a build to flee up off an already immediate flee dash with exact 500m to walk to reach wait on house with gold!

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