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AFK Journey Acorns- What Are They and What Do They Do?

The AFK Race acorns have confidence a actually crucial role within the game, and additionally, you’ll be about to study why.

When you would also be accustomed to a pair of of the gatcha video games, you know that they’re worthy for having completely different forms of currencies. AFK Race is one of them, so don’t be greatly surprised ought to you fetch the probability to make utilize of acorms.

But what are the AFK Race acorns, and what function they function? Wisely, it is time to search out the solutions to those questions.

AFK Race Acorns – How To Exercise Them

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, AFK Race Acorns are wished to ascend your heroes. They are one of the things that function that because other folk might well also utilize Soul Sigils. Some convey characters, a lot like Celestial, as an illustration, will entirely allow you to make utilize of the Soul Sigils, but others might well even help you to make utilize of acorns.

From our skills, a pair of of the A-Corrupt characters fall into this class. Folk that deserve to stage them up deserve to utilize 200 acorns. This can enable these characters to establish Supreme.

As for the S-Corrupt, effectively, they’re going to need 50 AFK Race acorns to establish Legendary (assuming they are on Memoir+). Once ready, they need 100 to transfer to Mythic after which 200 to establish Supreme.

Different Facts about AFK Race Acorns

One thing that you just ought to place in thoughts about this merchandise in AFK Race is that it is convey to the given faction. In completely different phrases, you ought to fetch Graveborn acorns to upgrade the Graveborn heroes. Obviously, other folk that deserve to upgrade Wilder heroes will deserve to fetch Wilder acorns.

With that mentioned, something we have learned about the AFK Race acorns is that there are things known as “Omni acorns”. The latter are necessary and will allow you to follow them to any hero, which is sizable ought to you wish a little bit extra to establish that convey stage.

Getting your fingers on AFK Race Acorns

Now that you just know what to rely on from the AFK Race acorns, it is time to ogle the place to fetch them. For now, the principle plot you would also fetch your fingers on them is by recruiting unusual heroes. 

When you function now not deserve to again out that, you would also fetch them from the retailer as prolonged as you make a selection bundles. Rob into legend that the bundles might well also commerce sooner or later, so you resolve on to confirm what’s on hand at the given time.

One other crucial factor to claim about the acorns in AFK Race is that you just would also fetch the Myth Trial, which becomes on hand whenever you attain stage 166. It is most likely you’ll also fetch that by seeing the hamster-looking factor at the bottom of your display. Whenever you manufacture this merchandise, additionally, you will fetch acorns.


Here’s every little thing you resolve on to grab about AFK Race acorns for now. Be sure to confirm all of our completely different articles about this unbelievable recreation because we have lined many different matters.

AFK Journey Acorns- What Are They and What Do They Do?

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