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AFK Journey Necrodrakon Boss Fight Guide

In AFK Creep, you will need the likelihood to face diverse bosses sometime of your adventure. Thought to be one of them is the AFK Creep Necrodrakon. This boss could presumably also now no longer be easy to face must you produce now no longer employ the correct procedure and the correct characters, and that’s why we’re coming to your support.

In this article, attributable to this fact, we can offer you some well-known recommendation on how this boss fight is structured and which characters that you simply must presumably also restful rely on to get this mumble more straightforward. When you are in plan and produce now no longer know the supreme technique to defeat this boss, you are within the correct space.

AFK Creep Necrodrakon Overview

The basic mumble you should know is that the boss will desire the participant’s closest crew member because the tank and will launch by hitting them, but will change to one more crew member if the tank moves too a ways-off. After that, in between hits, Necrodrakon will build a “Crest” on each honest correct friend. This crest is savor a bomb that will explode if the good friend doesn’t switch for 15 seconds, causing quite a lot of damage and making it more difficult for them to fight and create energy.

Necrodrakon will moreover attack a crew of heroes in a single space with his Topic Denial Assault, so you should predict out for this attack as wisely. Besides these, Necrodrakon will moreover produce a enormous AOE attack that hurts all the heroes, three times sometime of the fight. The closing mumble Necrodrakon does is an attack from a ways-off that stops the 2 healthiest heroes, which on the total comprises your healer.

AFK Journey Necrodrakon

Guidelines on how to Beat Necrodrakon in AFK Creep

Within the old paragraph we described the principle assaults of this AFK Creep boss, but now we recede into more mumble on the topic to present you with some recommendation on the supreme technique to end alive for as lengthy as attainable. Clearly, a lot is determined by the composition of your crew, but we will discuss this later.

Since this boss will launch attacking the tank closest to you, a well-known procedure that you simply must presumably employ is to always be on the switch, in tell that the boss doesn’t correct kind out one persona, but combos I proceed his intention. This would perhaps presumably also enable all the characters to breathe in turn.

Given the assaults which can perhaps presumably be make clear within the AFK Creep Necrodrakon’s arsenal, the recommendation to always be on the switch is de facto practically always exact. All of this boss’s assaults, if fact be told, are with out complications avoidable must you repeatedly switch all over the battlefield. Staying in a single space is surely an unwise preference to get on this case.

Characters and Groups

Some characters are greater choices than others to obtain to your crew for this fight, so let’s procure out which ones they’re. We are able to split the characters into groups to get it more straightforward to predict at them.


  • Temesia


  • Reiner
  • Kruger
  • Thoran


  • Shakir

DPS Raise

  • Marilee

AFK Journey Necrodrakon Boss Fight Guide

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