2024 Baseball Hall of Fame voting: Prediction, time, TV channel, dwell plug, leer show on-line

The outcomes of the Baseball Hall of Fame vote, from the BBWAA ballot, will be published on Tuesday evening. We already know that manager Jim Leyland is headed in after the Unique Baseball Generation Committee elected him lend a hand in December. Which avid gamers will join him? This vote will show those results. 

2024 Baseball Hall of Fame vote runt print

  • Time: 6 p.m. ET | Date: Tuesday, Jan. 23
  • TV channel: MLB Network
  • Are residing plug: fubo (try free of charge)

Let’s dive into the biggest storylines from the vote and rupture with a prediction on the 2024 Hall of Fame class. As repeatedly by formula of projecting Hall of Fame results, Ryan Thibodaux’s BallotTracker is carefully ragged.

1. Beltré to cruise in with ease

Amongst publicly published ballots to this level, supreme two voters earn left Adrián Beltré off. Both voted for correct Alex Rodriguez and Manny Ramirez (we will gain to them). With out reference to any intention for or against a Beltré vote, we know that he’s perchance now not inducted unanimously but will gain in on his first strive. 

I’ve already coated Beltré’s prowess as one among the supreme third basemen in baseball ancient previous

2. Sheffield falls off

This is now not always a done deal, as there is level-headed an incredibly minute sliver of a likelihood that Gary Sheffield makes it in. There could be just a few 99.99% likelihood he does now not gain to 75% of the vote, on the other hand, which formula Sheffield can earn passed through his most of 10 years on the ballotwith out gaining induction to the Hall. It be provocative to leer a extinct/period committee any time rapidly that places Sheff in, in mutter that’s that. He’s at likelihood of lastly prove with round 2/3 of the vote, which correct is now not always real sufficient to gain in. 

I’m pro-Sheffield and earn made his case assorted cases, including here

3. Mauer seemingly in

Joe Mauer became a kind of candidates the effect I wasn’t definite if the voting physique would decide him extremely sufficient for a first-300 and sixty five days induction, however the returns correct now leer cherish he’ll get cling of it in. He’s been polling with round 5/6ths (83.3%) of the vote since ballots were despatched out. The largest drops between public and deepest ballots are within the 7-8% differ, so or now not it is entirely likely that Mauer ends up within the low-70s and misses induction this season. The percentages are in his decide at this level, despite the truth that. 

I’ve previously written why Mauer belongs within the Hall

4. Helton, Wagner conclude

Here’s the predominant drama. 

Todd Helton obtained 72.2% of the vote final 300 and sixty five days and he’s supreme gained just a few new voters whereas moreover having misplaced some. It in spite of the whole lot seems cherish he’ll be within the mid-70s and, endure in mind, he desires 75% to gain in. It be going all of the intention down to the wire. I discussed Helton’s candidacy here.

That could presumably well moreover be the case with Billy Wagner. He has a ton of momentum and obtained to 68.1% final season. He has gained larger than a handful of voters, but is level-headed polling merely below Helton. It seems to be like cherish there is a likelihood Wagner works his formula up into the mid-70s, but he could well level-headed tumble insecure of 75%. I talked Wagner, along with several others, here

5. Jones desires to be interior striking differ

Whereas I build now not earn great self assurance in a prediction either formula on Helton or Wagner, I’m very assured that Andruw Jones could well now not get cling of it in this time round. He will, on the other hand, gain correct interior differ to the effect or now not it is reasonable for him to get cling of it next 300 and sixty five days. He’s arguably the supreme defensive center fielder ever and could well moreover hit plenty. 

6. A-Rod, Manny, stagnate

Alex Rodriguez and Manny Ramirez earn statistical conditions that with out jam align with a Hall of Fame resume, but moreover they are bogged down with PED suspensions. Whereas the voting physique continues to conform, albeit slowly, toward a extra new-college bloc, neither of those candidates is gaining any momentum. Manny seems to be caught round 1/3 of the vote whereas A-Rod has a likelihood to gain to 40% in his third 300 and sixty five days. I judge he falls in need of it, but even if he makes it there, it does now not seem like sufficient plug from his first 300 and sixty five days (34.3% in 2022) to imagine or now not it is meaningful. I dived deeper into this topic here.

7. Momentum for Beltrán?

Carlos Beltrán has the numbers that direct he desires to be a Hall of Famer and I’ve coated as great. He moreover has the 2017 Astros effect-stealing scandal and it helped to lend a hand him at 46.5% final 300 and sixty five days in his first time on the ballot. He could well use a tight soar this 300 and sixty five days in convey to earn some optimism for his future probabilities at induction. He has gained a real chunk of votes to this level and it seems to be like cherish he’ll with out jam clear 55% and seemingly even gain to 60%. If that is the case, I would direct he’ll get cling of it honest rapidly. 

8. Solid first showing for Utley

A lot like Mauer, but with a lesser case, I’ve been extraordinarily routine on Scurry Utley and how he’ll fare here in his first time on the ballot. At this level, we can get cling of definite he won’t get cling of it in this 300 and sixty five days but he’ll moreover remain safely on the ballot. It seems he’ll take a seat all the intention during the 40% differ and whereas that’s now not a definite thing by any stretch, now we earn seen a tight preference of avid gamers can be found in in lower than that on their first ballotand level-headed get cling of the Hall of Fame sooner or later. Assuming the returns correct now have to now not fluky and Utley does can be found in in round 40%, his probabilities of 1 day making it are honest solid.

Here’s my breakdown of Utley as a top candidate.


Beltré is clearly in and he’ll gain larger than 95% of the vote. Mauer will get cling of it, too. I might direct Helton will get in whereas Wagner will get interior correct just a few share components, perchance even interior 1%. Sheffield will tumble rapid whereas Jones and Beltrán pave the model for enshrinement interior the following few years. 

That formula the 2024 Hall of Fame class will be as follows, and I might predict their percentages in parentheses: 

  • Adrián Beltré (97.6)
  • Joe Mauer (79.9)
  • Todd Helton (75.1)
  • Jim Leyland

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