The “Champions Of TV” Bracket Topped The Biggest Theme Song Ever

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GREAT TV SHOWS are inclined to lift your attention from the 2d they arrive on, and that’s the reason in total due to the an unforgettable opening theme song. Sport of Thrones‘s cello-led theme transports you to a fantastical land of backstabbing and conspiracy. The O.C.‘s sun-sopping wet, upbeat song locations you within the passenger seat of a day out to the beaches and drama of California. Laws & Characterize‘s jazzy tune has rocked many folks to sleep, and The Modern Prince of Bel-Air‘s rap is barely one of many correct ever created. So, Males’s Smartly being asked ourselves (and likewise you all) one query: What is the finest TV expose theme song ever?

Males’s Smartly being whittled down the list of 64 theme songs to 32 earlier than letting the overall public vote between contestants on our Instagram polls each week for each spherical. The outcomes will shock you.

tv theme bracket

Everytime you compare generations and genres, the contributors are finally emblematic of their eras. Rock duo Pratt & McClain’s easygoing Overjoyed Days theme song represents the unbridled zeal of ’70s Americana as essential as Queen Latifah’s explain bap Residing Single theme song changed into a replicate of hip-hop’s cultural dominance within the ’90s. For that reason, we separated these 64 theme songs into four groups: Original (1990s-expose), Classic A (1960s-1970), Classic B (1970s-1990), and Provocative. Also, with so many equally iconic theme songs, each song’s seeding changed into chosen at random—aside from the #1 seeds, on fable of there might be now not a world the build Modern Prince and Succession are now not the cremes of the slice for their eras.

From the predominant spherical, it changed into certain all nostalgia is now not equal. Despite the resurgence of the Dragon Ball series over the final decade, including a winning theatrical toddle for Dragon Ball Tidy: Tidy Hero in 2022, it changed into overwhelmingly defeated by the reggae-inspired theme song for children lively TV expose Arthur, which changed into moreover energetic as of 2022. Sheldon Leonard’s The Andy Griffith Expose might well moreover simply have broadcasted 4x as many seasons within the 1960s as David Levy’s TV adaptation of The Addams Household cartoons, however the brooding-yet-bouncy theme song of the latter got more than 5x the votes of the damaged-down.

As the match went on, longevity began to reign supreme. Chums and Residing Single were each must-peek TV within the ’90s, however the Central Perk crew’s theme song hung around six years after Queen Latifah’s went off the air, and currently changed into reintroduced to Gen Z in Max’s tearful Chums: The Reunion in 2021. Thinking about that, or now not it is now not a surprise that Chums got practically about 8x as many votes as Residing Single within the 2d spherical. What changed into telling changed into how longevity and reputation weren’t infallible indicators of who’d take. 12 seasons, 24 years, and heaps of Emmys couldn’t place Curb Your Enthusiasm and its infectious flute-driven theme song from being knocked out by Phantom Planet’s perpetual summertime theme song for The O.C.

It changed into certain that what separated one of the most unbelievable TV expose theme songs from the finest changed into versatility. Stumbling on a Seinfeld marathon is an inevitability. Nevertheless, exterior of staring at the expose or per chance being on support with buyer service, when else would you ever request of to listen to that song? It’s no marvel it changed into handily defeated by the uncover collectively-ready Modern Prince of Bel-Air theme song, a world hit file Will Smith has performed a long way and huge from The Ellen Expose to Budapest even decades after the expose stopped airing unique episodes.

When it came time to crown the greater of the correct, it must now not were a surprise that it changed into the longest-working American sitcom, The Simpsons. Emmy-a hit composer Danny Elfman’s whimsical musical offering beat out the Sport of Thrones theme song, and with faithful reason. The 2d you hear the expose’s title crooned into your ear, you routinely know you are descending into a world the build the leisure can happen. After hearing it for one 2d, you already know what the song is, and or now not it is listenable no subject the technology by which you hear. It’s been an unforgettable tune for a excellent expose, and now Males’s Smartly being can safely remark it to be the finest TV expose theme song ever.

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