Slow Nurse Chanced on in Freezer; Lethal Health center Error; Weight-Loss Compounder Crashes

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Lacking Nurse Chanced on Slow in Freezer

Nurse anesthetist Mary Margaret Haxby-Jones had been lacking for 9 years — till last month when her corpse used to be realized in a freezer by family of the unusual residents at her residence, in step with the San Diego Union-Tribune. She would had been 81.

In step with police, Haxby-Jones’ body didn’t beget signs of trauma, which is able to make it more entertaining to secure out her motive gradual loss of life.

For almost 20 years, Haxby-Jones worked as a nurse anesthetist at Kaiser Permanente Zion Clinical Center in Grantville, California. She retired in 1999.

“She used to be repeatedly form and compassionate to her patients,” a commenter wrote on a Fb post about her loss of life.

Haxby-Jones went lacking across the time she and her husband resolved some tax troubles in 2015. The Union-Tribune furthermore realized that the police had been known as to the home 20 occasions since 2013 for causes similar to welfare exams, doable psychological health or elder abuse scenarios, and an overdose.

Extra files will be launched because the investigation continues.

Health center Error Killed One other Shaded Mother

In November, clinical doctors at Fresh York City’s Woodhull Health center performed an emergency C-portion on Christine Fields. Hours later, Fields tragically bled to loss of life. And in step with reporting in the Fresh York Cases, Fields’ family hasn’t been given any explanation as to what led to her loss of life.

Then all all over again, the Cases acquired a divulge health department epic from December that explicitly acknowledged Fields died attributable to of an error made by clinical workers. Reportedly, the surgical personnel performing Fields’ C-portion did no longer alert others of complications that arose at some level of the plot, alongside side a uterine arterial harm.

The epic doesn’t consult with Fields by name, however the facts line up with Fields’ loss of life, which an nameless Woodhull workers member confirmed to the Cases.

Fields’ fiancé told the Cases that Woodhull workers didn’t answer quickly to Fields’ deteriorating condition, despite him telling them that one thing used to be going very sinister.

The epic concluded that Fields died from a lack of documentation and lack of conversation among clinical workers, per the Cases.

Fields used to be Shaded, as used to be Sha-Asia Semple, who died on the same sanatorium in 2020, furthermore at some level of childbirth. In Fresh York City, Shaded ladies folk face phenomenal elevated dangers of maternal loss of life at some level of childbirth — even elevated than the nationwide common.

The divulge health department is unruffled investigating Woodhull’s labor and present unit.

Downfall of a Weight-Loss Drug Compounder

The Washington Put up minute print the downfall of a compounding pharmacy that used to be churning out copies of standard weight-loss drugs.

When the FDA set apart semaglutide (Wegovy) on its drug shortage list in 2022, ACA Pharmacy in Nashville used to be one in every of many compounding pharmacies that swept in to invent the GLP-1 agonist. By early 2023, ACA had added tirzepatide (Zepbound) to its choices in addition.

Producing these two drugs elevated ACA’s everyday prescriptions by 10-fold, and its profits soared. But within a few months, the overall operation got right here crashing down.

The Put up interviewed used ACA staffers and regarded via inner files and realized several alarming minute print. ACA had despatched affected person medications to the sinister addresses, had lost its nationwide accreditation, and struggled to withhold sterility. Plus, staffers overtly feeble the burden-loss drugs on themselves with out prescriptions.

“While you wondered the scientific appropriateness of the relaxation, you had been told, ‘Don’t worry about it,'” a pharmacist formerly employed by ACA told the Put up.

Notably, an inspection by divulge health inspectors in July went poorly and decrease than per week later, a high-ranking staffer died by suicide. This led the company to quit shipments of sterile medications and lose its sterile compounding registration, in step with the Put up.

Then, in October, ACA Pharmacy closed its doors for correct.

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