Second quarter impacted by declines in glyphosate industry

Leverkusen, August 8, 2023 – Bayer printed detailed outcomes for the 2d quarter of 2023 on Tuesday, after having already communicated key figures for the three-month interval and reducing its outlook for paunchy-twelve months 2023 in a July 24 facts commence. The revised steering modified into mainly attributable to a valuable further decline in gross sales of glyphosate-primarily based mostly products on the Slash Science Division. Gross sales at Prescribed medications had been proper on a currency- and portfolio-adjusted basis (Fx & portfolio adj.), whereas earnings had been down twelve months on twelve months. Person Health registered bigger gross sales (Fx & portfolio adj.) and in addition increased earnings.

Neighborhood gross sales declined by 8.2 percent (Fx & portfolio adj.) to 11.044 billion euros in the 2d quarter. There modified into a negative currency enact of 553 million euros (Q2 2022: sure currency enact of 915 million euros). EBITDA prior to special items declined by 24.5 percent to 2.527 billion euros. This resolve included a negative currency enact of 120 million euros (Q2 2022: sure currency enact of 300 million euros). In distinction, the corporate registered earnings across all divisions totaling round 481 million euros attributable to a decrease in provisions for the Neighborhood-wide Short-Term Incentive program. EBIT came in at minus 956 million euros (Q2 2022: plus 169 million euros) after collect special prices of 2.490 billion euros (Q2 2022: 2.111 billion euros) that primarily linked to unscheduled impairment testing in the Slash Science Division. Which ability, collect earnings came in at minus 1.887 billion euros (Q2 2022: minus 298 million euros). Core earnings per share lowered by 36.8 percent to 1.22 euros.

Free cash roam amounted to minus 473 million euros (Q2 2022: plus 1.140 billion euros), primarily attributable to the decline in industry on the Slash Science Division. At 39.620 billion euros, collect financial debt as of June 30, 2023, modified into 9.8 percent bigger than on the head of March 2023.

Slash Science gross sales without glyphosate at prior-twelve months level (Fx & portfolio adj.)

Gross sales in the agricultural industry (Slash Science) fell by 18.5 percent (Fx & portfolio adj.) to 4.924 billion euros, mainly driven by decrease volumes and costs for glyphosate-primarily based mostly products. This enact particularly impacted industry in North and Latin The United States to boot as in Europe/Center East/Africa, and resulted in a 45.6 percent decrease in gross sales (Fx & portfolio adj.) at Herbicides. As adverse to the glyphosate industry, Slash Science gross sales had been level with the old twelve months (Fx & portfolio adj.), as bigger prices had been offset by decrease volumes. Gross sales at Corn Seed & Traits rose by 10.6 percent (Fx & portfolio adj.), largely thanks to higher prices in all areas to boot as increased acreages in North The United States. Business at Fungicides modified into level with the prior-twelve months quarter (Fx & portfolio adj.). Gross sales at Soybean Seed & Traits had been down 9.3 percent (Fx & portfolio adj.), mainly attributable to lowered acreages and a decline in license revenues in North The United States.

EBITDA prior to special items at Slash Science fell by 58.5 percent to 725 million euros, primarily attributable to the decline in gross sales of glyphosate-primarily based mostly products. Increased prices in the leisure of the industry and rate financial savings supreme partially compensated for this enact. Earnings had been also diminished by a mainly inflation-linked elevate in the associated rate of things supplied and a negative currency enact of 96 million euros (Q2 2022: sure currency enact of 215 million euros).

Prescribed medications: contemporary products bring immense growth

Gross sales of prescription medicines (Prescribed medications) came in at 4.557 billion euros, matching the prior-twelve months level on a currency- and portfolio-adjusted basis. The division’s contemporary products completed valuable good points: Gross sales of the cancer drug Nubeqa™ as regards to doubled, whereas Kerendia™ for the treatment of power kidney disease associated with form 2 diabetes noticed industry expand bigger than threefold. In addition to, the Radiology industry persisted to develop, mainly driven by good points for the CT Fluid Shipping and Ultravist™ product households. Gross sales of the ophthalmology drug Eylea™ also increased, with growth of 5.6 percent (Fx & portfolio adj.) driven by bigger volumes in all areas and particularly in North The United States and Asia/Pacific. In distinction, the division recorded a decline in gross sales in China, partly attributable to quiet procedures for Adalat™. On a world level, gross sales of the cardiovascular drug lowered by 26.1 percent (Fx & portfolio adj.). Business in China modified into also impacted by a decrease in are waiting for of for Aspirin™ Cardio, with world gross sales falling 29.3 percent (Fx & portfolio adj.). As anticipated, world gross sales of the oral anticoagulant Xarelto™ had been down, with competitive rigidity from generic products to boot as decrease prices, particularly in Asia/Pacific and Latin The United States, ensuing in a decrease of 3.3 percent (Fx & portfolio adj.).

EBITDA prior to special items at Prescribed medications declined by 6.7 percent to 1.379 billion euros, largely attributable to higher R&D investments in cell and gene treatment and chemoproteomics technologies, to boot as in projects in superior scientific pattern. In addition to, the prior-twelve months quarter had bought a valuable boost from the sale of non-core companies. There modified into a negative currency enact of 40 million euros (Q2 2022: sure currency enact of 41 million euros).

Person Health continues to develop

Gross sales of self-care products (Person Health) increased by 5.4 percent (Fx & portfolio adj.) to 1.466 billion euros in comparison with a proper prior-twelve months quarter, with contributions from all areas. The division posted valuable good points in the Dermatology industry, with growth of 10.9 percent (Fx & portfolio adj.) driven partly by persisted excessive are waiting for of for Bepanthen™, to boot as in the Effort & Cardio category, where gross sales rose by 10.0 percent (Fx & portfolio adj.). In addition to, gross sales of cough and funky products increased greatly amid a persistently proper cool season, whereas the hypersensitivity industry expanded a little of despite a weaker hypersensitivity season attributable to climate-linked components. Total, the Allergy & Frigid category registered growth of 5.7 percent (Fx & portfolio adj.). The division persisted to face some present constraints in the 2d quarter, particularly in the Digestive Health category, where gross sales had been level with the prior-twelve months interval (Fx & portfolio adj.). The present anxiousness is anticipated to present a grasp to in the 2d half of the twelve months.

EBITDA prior to special items at Person Health increased by 1.5 percent to 335 million euros following a extremely proper prior-twelve months quarter, driven by proper operational productiveness and worth management measures. These efforts compensated for ongoing inflation-driven rate will improve and investment in marketing innovative products. The division also recorded bigger proceeds from the sale of teenage, non-strategic brands. There modified into a negative currency enact of 31 million euros (Q2 2022: sure currency enact of 49 million euros).

Neighborhood outlook reduced on July 24

The Bayer Neighborhood reduced its outlook for paunchy-twelve months 2023 on July 24, mainly attributable to a valuable further decline in gross sales of glyphosate-primarily based mostly products. When communicating its first quarter outcomes, Bayer had already guided in direction of the decrease cease of the forecast it had beforehand issued. On a currency-adjusted basis (i.e. in step with the well-liked month-to-month substitute charges from 2022), Bayer now expects to generate gross sales of between 48.5 and 49.5 billion euros (initial forecast: 51 to 52 billion euros). This now corresponds to a decline of 2 to three percent on a currency- and portfolio-adjusted basis (initial forecast: elevate of 2 to three percent). EBITDA prior to special items is now anticipated to advance motivate in at 11.3 billion to 11.8 billion euros on a currency-adjusted basis (initial forecast: 12.5 to 13.0 billion euros). The corporate now anticipates core earnings per share of 6.20 to 6.40 euros on a currency-adjusted basis (initial forecast: 7.20 to 7.40 euros). In addition to, it now projects free cash roam of roughly zero euros (initial forecast: roughly 3.0 billion euros) and collect financial debt of roughly 36 billion euros (initial forecast: 32 to 33 billion euros) on a currency-adjusted basis. Bayer now expects to make your mind up special items of round minus 3.5 billion euros (initial forecast: round minus 1.0 billion euros) in EBIT after adjusting for currency effects.

With appreciate to the divisions, the corporate now expects Slash Science gross sales to tumble by round 5 percent twelve months on twelve months (initial forecast: elevate by round 3 percent) and Prescribed medications gross sales to expose a roughly 0 percent change against the prior-twelve months level (initial forecast: elevate by roughly 1 percent) after adjusting for currency and portfolio effects. The currency-adjusted EBITDA margin prior to special items is now projected to advance motivate in at round 21 percent at Slash Science (initial forecast: 25 to 26 percent) and roughly 28 percent at Prescribed medications (initial forecast: a little of above 29 percent). The forecast for Person Health stays unchanged, with gross sales growth of roughly 5 percent on a currency- and portfolio-adjusted basis, and a currency-adjusted EBITDA margin prior to special items of round 23 percent.


The next tables maintain the key data for the Bayer Neighborhood and its divisions for the 2d quarter and the first six months of 2023.

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Forward-Having a undercover agent Statements

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