Pennsylvania Instruct Court docket puts Amos Miller on the docket for Feb. 29

Amos Miller is to appear in a Pennsylvania command court docket on Feb. 29.  Till then, Miller, his wife, and varied companies are prohibited  from producing or selling uncooked milk and uncooked milk merchandise attributable to their ”immediate and irreparable hurt.”

The expose by command Contemplate Thomas Sponaugie grants the demand of the Pennsylvania Attorney Frequent, who has a pending civil motion sooner than the court docket to permanently prevent Miller and his trade enterprises from selling uncooked milk and different unregulated merchandise as a result of he’s endangering public health.

The get’s expose also requires Miller and his companies to permit the Instruct Division of Agriculture complete web admission to to his info and test merchandise.

Miller additional must voice his customers that his merchandise bear been traced to 2 newest foodborne illnesses. Further, the get ordered him to utter his customers that uncooked milk gathered from Miller’s farm on Jan. 4 under a search warrant examined sure for Listeria.

The prison knowledgeable overall has charged Miller with violating loads of command food security prison guidelines.

Miller was once the defendant in a federal civil motion introduced after 2016 by the Division of Justice (DOJ) on behalf of USDA’s Food Security and Inspection Service (FSIS). The federal citation ended with Miller and his prison knowledgeable signing a lengthy Consent Decree 2023 that promises compliance. It remains enforced.

Miller’s uncooked milk in 2016 was once chanced on to be genetically an equivalent to the micro organism in two listeriosis cases, alongside with a loss of life case.

For a time in federal court docket, Miller claimed he was once no longer self-discipline to federal  jurisdiction as a result of he was once a “sovereign citizen.”

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