Memorial Healthcare finds success with switch to Myth-essentially based mostly telehealth supplier

With 15,000 team participants, 3,000 companies and $3.1 billion in annual working earnings, Memorial Healthcare Map is one of the largest public successfully being methods within the U.S. A South Florida-essentially based mostly instructional clinical heart, Memorial operates six hospitals, including the Joe DiMaggio Teens’s Sanatorium; heaps of fundamental, pressing and 24/7 care companies and products; a successfully being area of abilities heart; and a nursing dwelling.


Memorial began offering on-place a matter to digital pressing care to its employees and sufferers by a Third-get together supplier in 2016. With the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Memorial launched telehealth for all its fundamental care and area of abilities companies and products, and this day conducts about 100,000 digital visits per one year.

Previously, Memorial’s companies noticed that relying on a Third-get together supplier completely for on-place a matter to pressing care resulted in an inconsistent patient abilities and raised concerns about quality as a consequence of runt data sharing.

As an instance, the third-get together digital companies did no longer hang pudgy get entry to to sufferers’ clinical data, constructing a disconnected patient abilities and annoyances for sufferers who must publish their clinical histories and medication lists as within the event that they were acquiring care at an completely separate successfully being machine. 

As successfully as, all data from these visits modified into as soon as misplaced to Memorial and its provider team because it did no longer waft again to Memorial.

“With our outdated digital supplier, we would effect the provider as our own to sufferers, however digital companies were unable to ‘know’ sufferers because they lacked get entry to to sufferers’ pudgy clinical data,” acknowledged Invoice Manzie, administrative director of telehealth at Memorial Healthcare Map.

“The result modified into as soon as sufferers had to enter their clinical ancient past or medication lists and wonder why the doctor did no longer understand it already, main to patient frustration and emotions of disconnection.”


In January 2023, Memorial began working with KeyCare, an Myth-essentially based mostly digital care company (Memorial makes spend of Myth for its EHR).

“With KeyCare, Memorial may provide its sufferers a seamless digital care abilities, sufferers and employees would per chance be reassured patient data modified into as soon as shared between KeyCare and Memorial companies, and Memorial may save money by taking advantage of Myth’s constructed-in interoperability aspects that minimized technical wants from their employees,” Manzie defined.

“KeyCare offers successfully being methods get entry to to a nationwide network of digital care companies working on its optimized Myth instance, which then connects without blueprint back to other Myth-essentially based mostly successfully being methods,” he added.

Within the crash, the issue Memorial faced modified into as soon as to widen its digital front door and enlarge its potential with a digital team supplier in a manner that supplied a seamless abilities for sufferers, maintained the successfully being machine effect and relationship with the patient, ensured sturdy data interoperability between the successfully being machine and its associate, would per chance be implemented mercurial with minimal IT buy, and must smooth create a sure ROI, he acknowledged.


Memorial modified into as soon as an early adopter of Keycare and grew to alter into the principle situation to head dwell with pediatrics. The challenge, which integrated weekly conferences, and classes centered on billing, reporting and marketing, kicked off November 15, 2022.

Notably, the provider modified into as soon as successfully launched staunch two months later, beginning on January 17, 2023. This day both grownup and pediatric sufferers nationwide hang get entry to to KeyCare companies offering on-place a matter to digital pressing care 24/7 by MemorialDOCNow, Memorial’s on-line portal.

“Additionally, KeyCare companies hang get entry to to each and every Memorial patient’s data as they provide care and total their notes on KeyCare’s Myth instance,” Manzie mighty. “Upon completion of the debate over with, the encounter data is automatically sent to Memorial by Myth’s Care In all places and Telehealth Anyplace efficiency.

“Additionally, an in-basket message can even be sent to the principle care provider, or any Myth pool designated by the successfully being machine,” he persevered. 

“The Memorial companies and sufferers thus hang a actually coordinated abilities, as all encounter runt print can even be viewed natively in their Memorial instance of Myth, and Memorial companies can evaluate and reconcile any unusual allergic reactions, medications or complications placed by KeyCare.”

This day, the scope of the work between Memorial and KeyCare includes:

  • On-place a matter to, 24/7 pressing care

  • Nationwide coverage for shoppers and employees

  • Making sure unusual and existing customers cease connected to Memorial’s digital front door as a replacement of going to an external third get together for care

  • Built-in interoperability between KeyCare’s Myth instance and Memorial’s Myth instance

  • Session from KeyCare govt and marketing teams for this system’s originate


By working with KeyCare, Memorial has been in a effect of residing to boost its care team, optimize potential and widen its digital front door, Manzie acknowledged.

“After going dwell with KeyCare, digital talk over with quantity grew mercurial, with better than 4,000 visits finished within the principle ten months after this system launched,” he reported. “By contrivance of MemorialDOCNow, KeyCare companies hang performed visits with sufferers throughout better than 30 different states.”

As successfully as, he mighty:

  • Reasonable wait times are roughly 10 minutes

  • Diminished low-acuity visits going to valuable place of work or emergency room slots, as 54% of those sufferers indicated they otherwise would hang gone to pressing care, 18% to fundamental care, and 9% to the emergency room if this digital provider weren’t available. This furthermore decreases likelihood of leakage to originate air successfully being methods

  • Patients rated the abilities very extremely, with a receive promoter ranking (NPS) of 87, and 91% of sufferers figuring out as promoters


Within the rapid evolving panorama of healthcare, working this carefully with a supplier has location a benchmark for integrating technology to reinforce patient care and provider coordination, Manzie acknowledged.

“As we navigate this skedaddle, there are several classes and objects of recommendation we are in a position to provide to other healthcare provider organizations pondering a identical path,” he acknowledged. “Create obvious the technology integrates seamlessly with your existing methods. Utilizing an developed platform, blended with functionalities like Care In all places and Telehealth Anyplace, enables for exact-time get entry to to patient data. This seamless integration is required for asserting complete and true care, minimizing disruptions to existing workflows.

“Prioritize solutions that offer sturdy data sharing capabilities,” he persevered. “The flexibility to get entry to a patient’s data and portion encounter data automatically ensures each and every care touchpoint is informed and up up to now. This stage of accessibility fosters a coordinated care abilities, needed in a telehealth environment the effect continuity is key.”

And adopt technologies that strengthen dialog among companies, he informed.

“The functionality to send in-basket messages to companies or designated pools within our successfully being machine exemplifies how technology can facilitate command and environment friendly dialog among care teams, making sure all and sundry appears to be informed and may act promptly,” he concluded.

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