Does methylene blue or mitoquinone enhance skeletal getting older?

Administration of MB during getting older does no longer alter trabecular bone morphology of the axial skeleton. Credit rating: Getting older (2024). DOI: 10.18632/getting older.205147

A brand recent research paper titled “Targeting mitochondrial dysfunction the usage of methylene blue or mitoquinone to enhance skeletal getting older” has been published in Getting older.

Methylene blue (MB) is a effectively-established antioxidant that has been shown to enhance mitochondrial feature in every in vitro and in vivo settings. Mitoquinone (MitoQ) is a selective antioxidant that specifically targets mitochondria and effectively reduces the accumulation of reactive oxygen species. In this recent notion, researchers from Contemporary York College College of Dentistry, City College of Contemporary York, The Jackson Laboratory, College of Michigan, South Texas Veterans Health Care Machine, and The College of Texas Health Science Center investigated the manufacture of lengthy-term administration of MB or MitoQ on skeletal morphology during the getting older process.

“[…] we administered MB to traditional (18 months light) female C57BL/J6 mice, moreover to to grownup male and female mice with a genetically various background (UM-HET3). Additionally, we ancient MitoQ as a substitute system to target mitochondrial oxidative stress during getting older in grownup female and male UM-HET3 mice,” the researchers write.

Even even supposing the researchers noticed some precious effects of MB and MitoQ in vitro, the administration of these compounds in vivo did now not alter the development of age-precipitated bone loss. Particularly, treating 18-month-light female mice with MB for six or 12 months did now not own an manufacture on age-linked bone loss. Equally, lengthy-term therapy with MB from 7 to 22 months or with MitoQ from 4 to 22 months of age did now not own an impression on the morphology of cortical bone on the mid-diaphysis of the femur, trabecular bone on the distal-metaphysis of the femur, or trabecular bone on the lumbar vertebra-5 in UM-HET3 mice.

The crew concludes, “In accordance with our findings, it appears to be like that lengthy-term therapy with MB or MitoQ alone, as a technique to cut skeletal oxidative stress, is insufficient to inhibit age-associated bone loss. This helps the idea that interventions completely with antioxidants could maybe no longer present ample safety against skeletal getting older.”

Extra recordsdata:
Sher Bahadur Poudel et al, Targeting mitochondrial dysfunction the usage of methylene blue or mitoquinone to enhance skeletal getting older, Getting older (2024). DOI: 10.18632/getting older.205147

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