Access to Abortion Working in the direction of Crucial to Ob/Gyn Residency Candidates Post-Roe

SAN FRANCISCO — Access to abortion coaching used to be a if reality be told crucial consideration amongst these applying to ob/gyn residency in the match cycle after the Dobbs v. Jackson Ladies folk’s Health Group Supreme Court docket decision — which overturned Roe v. Wade and led to a patchwork of abortion gain entry to — in step with results from a peep of 178 medical students.

For college youngsters applying in the 2022-2023 cycle, 72.7% acknowledged the Dobbs decision influenced which purposes they applied to, and within that group, 96.9% acknowledged they applied to purposes in states that had fewer abortion restrictions, reported Brianna Frame, MD, of the University of North Carolina Hospitals in Durham, throughout an oral presentation on the American Faculty of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) annual meeting.

“These candidates had been forced to weigh the most contemporary rules and most likely restrictions in providing abortion care in every tell,” Frame acknowledged.

Two-thirds (66.5%) of respondents acknowledged that the Dobbs decision influenced how they ranked purposes, and of these, 98.3% acknowledged they ranked purposes in states that are less restrictive greater.

Other findings of trace:

  • 80.3% agreed that it used to be crucial to them to coach at a Ryan Residency program
  • 89.6% agreed that they supposed to be enthusiastic with providing abortion take care of the duration of residency

Besides to, 84% acknowledged this system they matched to aligned with their targets of either providing or now not providing abortion care. Of the 16% who acknowledged their program did now not align with their targets, most acknowledged they may actually like to produce abortion care but their program would now not provide it.

“I’ve the first element that is crucial to grab is that the Dobbs decision itself is impacting the residency application direction of,” Frame told MedPage Nowadays. “We have considered that from the assorted lens, from the records of the place of us are applying to by job of numbers, but it used to be if reality be told helpful to listen to from the views of students.”

Frame acknowledged she aimed to assess the impact of Dobbs on medical students applying to ob/gyn residencies. In the years after Dobbs, ob/gyn has remained competitive in the Match with all slots being crammed, though Frame eminent there used to be a dip in purposes to restrictive states. Abortion rules don’t correct impact coaching, but residents’ experience of residing in these states, she acknowledged.

For this question, fourth-year medical students who applied to ob/gyn residency for the 2023 Match had been surveyed with an digital questionnaire, which used to be disbursed to ob/gyn clerkship directors, residency program coordinators, and on social media. Respondents had been requested about their experiences in medical college and applying to ob/gyn residency purposes after the Dobbs decision.

Respondents represented 39 states and 10 respondents had been world candidates. The moderate age used to be 27.8, 89% had been ladies folk, 71% had been white, 11% Black, and 59.6% had been from suburban areas. Most (92%) attended an MD program and 90% of these medical schools did now not have a non secular affiliation. There used to be an equal split between students who went to public versus private medical schools and most had an ob/gyn residency at their medical college.

Frame eminent a few boundaries, including a runt sample dimension of about 10% of ob/gyn resident candidates and most likely different bias, though the respondents’ demographics had been representative of the nationwide pool of ob/gyn candidates. At some point soon, Frame desires to match the records and question if there are traits between an applicant’s geographic space and residency concerns and preferences.

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American Faculty of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

Offer Reference: Frame B, et al “Manufacture of Dobbs v Jackson Ladies folk’s Health on obstetrics and gynecology residency candidates” ACOG 2024.

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