Why You Also can aloof Play VR Missions Before Metal Equipment Solid

Whereas Metal Equipment Solid’s 2023 Grasp Series has extra than its enticing portion of technical points, it aloof packs a ton of solid Metal Equipment circulate so that you can play thru. Adore the paunchy version of 1999’s Metal Equipment Solid VR Missions (which manufacture no longer require a VR headset, if you happen to were questioning), a wander-off to 1998’s Metal Equipment Solid that distills the core stealth and gunplay circulate of MGS into extra than 300 trials and challenges so that you presumably could well perhaps supreme your sneaky sport.

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But that’s no longer all, VR Missions also boasts about a habitual challenges like “Thriller Mode,” where you’ll fill to resolve a raze thriller. And it even capacity that you can play as Gray Fox in his cybernetic Ninja outfit for about a missions.

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Metal Equipment Solid shipped in 1998, and whereas many could well perhaps argue (myself integrated), that it’s a timeless sport, it’s with out a doubt clunky by as a lot as the moment circulate sport standards. Whereas it’s a sneaking sport, you presumably could well perhaps’t crouch-stroll, or even stroll slowly, similar to you presumably could well perhaps in as a lot as the moment video games. And fight with enemy forces can genuinely feel very inflexible and unforgiving. On condition that so important of the allure of MGS is its cinematic memoir and involving geopolitical intrigue, it’s beneath no conditions enjoyable when old-long-established gameplay mechanics set that fill tougher to earn admission to.

How to earn admission to VR Missions in the Grasp Series

A screenshot of Metal Gear Solid VR Missions shows the description for a sneaking mission that requires the player to hide inside a cardboard box.

Screenshot: Konami / Claire Jackson / Kotaku

Upon commencing the first Metal Equipment Solid in the Grasp Series, you’ll location VR Missions merely beneath MGS in the Game Resolution mode. Not just like the VR coaching missions packed into the coarse sport, this is a a ways extra mountainous version of those digital environments.

Snake hides from a guard in Metal Gear Solid VR Missions.

Screenshot: Konami / Claire Jackson / Kotaku

Taking part in VR Missions first capacity that you can journey the memoir of MGS extra

Encourage in the day, I genuinely performed all of VR Missions earlier than the paunchy MGS journey (attributable to my folks getting pressured over which version to earn me for a holiday level to). The end result changed into once that once I sooner or later bought my hands on Metal Equipment Solid in its story, two-disc version, I changed into once already acquainted with each and each gun and all of its sneaking mechanics.

You don’t fill to play thru all of the 300-plus missions packed in right here. But going thru the many modes will imply you presumably could well perhaps acclimate your self to the game’s general mechanics so that you’re no longer stumbling over them whereas making an are trying to earn thru the memoir of Metal Equipment Solid.

Snake presses himself against a wall while the camera shows a guard sleeping on the other side.

Screenshot: Konami / Claire Jackson / Kotaku

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And if you happen to’ve already carried out Metal Equipment Solid, VR Missions is a nice capacity to factual journey the gameplay loop of MGS without any story interruptions. Toss on a podcast or something and earn to practising your sneaking abilities.

Snake sneaks past laser sensors while smoking a cigarette in Metal Gear Solid VR Missions.

Screenshot: Konami / Claire Jackson / Kotaku

There are also VR Missions for MGS2

Hearth up Metal Equipment Solid 2: Sons of Liberty in the 2023 Grasp Series, and also you’ll opt up “Missions” in the important menu of the game. Exhaust this and also you’ll be taken to a beneficiant suite of VR missions featuring MGS2’s gameplay (including some experimental ones like a prime-person-most engrossing mode) with each and each Raiden and Snake. These were first and important featured in the follow-up release to MGS2, Metal Equipment Solid 2: Substance.

Raiden hides against a wall while a guard approaches.

Screenshot: Konami / Claire Jackson / Kotaku

And technically talking, the VR missions are aloof associated to the general story, even supposing there are no longer any cutscenes or codec conversations. Taking part in either the standalone VR Missions release from 1999 or the MGS2 VR missions roughly serves as a prequel to Sons of Liberty, as early on in the marketing campaign, Raiden names off about a coaching missions matching the descriptions of ranges level to in VR Missions.

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Sadly, by the time we bought to Metal Equipment Solid 3, the custom established by VR Missions and MGS2: Substance of letting the player drill the basics by technique of uncommon coaching missions changed into once gone. Aloof, these copies stay good techniques to absorb the sneaky essence of MGS’s circulate.


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