What the ‘NKH’ patch ancient by Kansas Metropolis Chiefs avid gamers methodology

If you occur to might successfully be gazing Sizable Bowl LVIII and enjoy uncared for seeing the Kansas Metropolis Chiefs 2023-2024 season, that it is most likely you’ll also knowing one thing different on the team’s jerseys:

A patch featuring a football embedded with the initials “NKH.”

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The initials on the patch stand for Norma Knobel Hunt, the matriarch of the Hunt family, which owns the Kansas Metropolis Chiefs. She handed away in June of closing yr. Hunt, herself, a minority proprietor in the team, became married to the Chiefs’ founder Lamar Hunt who died in 2006.

The Kansas Metropolis Chiefs began wearing the “NKH” patch in honor of Norma Hunt in the beginning of the 2023 season. Nonetheless, if the Chiefs are no longer your team, it is doable Sizable Bowl LVIII is the first time that it is most likely you’ll successfully be seeing it.

But, Norma Hunt became bigger than fair the matriarch of the family that owns the team. Hunt has a blueprint of her have in Sizable Bowl history because the supreme lady ever in the Never Miss a Sizable Bowl Club. Sizable Bowl LVIII shall be the first Sizable Bowl without Norma Hunt in attendance. Earlier than her death, Hunt had attended each Sizable Bowl sport from Sizable Bowl I to Sizable Bowl LVII closing yr.

As the reliable NFL memoir posted on X, the Chiefs will “honor her reminiscence” at this yr’s Sizable Bowl with the NKH patch.

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