“We had a blast in the studio – the blues resonates with me extra than something else”: Orianthi taps up Joe Bonamassa for soulfully hot contemporary single First Time Blues

Orianthi Joe Bonamassa

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Orianthi has joined forces with blues powerhouse Joe Bonamassa for her newest single, First Time Blues, and it blends soulful melodies and warmer-than-the-solar lead taking half in.

It’s the foremost single from Orianthi’s upcoming sixth studio album, slated for unencumber later this year, and follows on from 2022’s Rock Sweet, an album where she wanted the verses to focal point on storytelling and aggression.

The be aware became written and produced by the worn Alice Cooper guitarist and recorded in Robby Krieger’s Los Angeles studio. Bonamassa’s longtime studio accomplice Kevin Shirley, in the intervening time, handled the combine, making for a significant particular person-studded quartet.   

The be aware sees Orianthi leaning heavily into her blues and Americana roots – types of tune she says resonate with her extra than every other – as its rolling, highpass filtered riff offers design to plump, steam-coaching grooves. Its verses are stripped wait on, a low-construct guitar quietly tucked below its drums and swathing keys, because it rises to its riff-iced refrain.

The overall consideration, for sure, is on the song’s pair of solos. Orianthi’s up first, and with a determined but rasping tone she flies by design of finger-blurring runs, screaming string bends and a orderly octave chord urge taking her as a lot as the increased frets for its finale.

Within the video, she’s considered ripping her signature PRS, total with floral fretboard inlays and her O logo on the heel.

Bonamassa’s solo is pretty extra reserved, sitting wait on into the pocket of the groove, building slowly to a fluid but breathless urge in the future of the fretboard of his sunburst Les Paul, put to the bridge humbucker.

Talking to 96.1 KLPX DJ, Larry Mac, Orianthi brushed apart claims that the contemporary album is a “total redirection,” rather asserting that it is “going extra in the blues-rock construct of Americana vibe, construct of much less poppy than the stuff I set out sooner than.

“I admire all types of genres of tune, but I deem what connects with me the most is the blues,” she expanded [via Blabbermouth].

“It resonates with me extra than something else. So I’m just appropriate construct of going wait on to that; even my first listing, Mediate, had rather pretty of blues in it. So, with this contemporary album and the singles that are going to be rolling out, of us are gonna hear extra of that, pretty extra of an edge, and pretty extra of the tune I’m gonna be taking half in for the rest of my existence.”

I’m a spacious Doorways fan, so having the assorted and the honour of recording at his studio and Robby coming in and giving the thumbs up, which manner the world

Reflecting on her time in the Doorways guitarist’s studio, she provides: “We had a blast in the studio. He is a dear friend of mine for loads of years and a memoir. And I’m a spacious Doorways fan, so having the assorted and the honour of recording at his studio and Robby coming in and giving the thumbs up, which manner the world.”

The be aware’s unencumber comes after Joe Bonamassa visited Andy Timmons in the studio, lending his solo skills on a be aware put to feature on his impending album. The resulting shred wars seen “an absurd quantity of talent” on show cowl.

The band performing on First Time Blues is done by guitarist Nick Maybury (Perry Farrell, Scott Weiland), bassist Justin Anders (Eric Burdon, Billy Ray Cyrus), keyboardist Carey Frank (Bruce Springsteen, Social Distortion), and drummer Elias Mallin (Assassinate Hannah, Kesha).  

Adelaide-born guitarist Orianthi first rose to prominence as Carrie Underwood’s guitarist, sooner than becoming Michael Jackson’s lead guitarist for the This Is It tour, rehearsing with the pop memoir sooner than his death. She furthermore enjoyed three years in Alice Cooper’s band. 2024’s solo listing – her sixth in entire – continues a fashion of a recent listing every two years, which began with 2020’s O.

First Time Blues is available to stream and exhaust now.

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