This Would possibly perhaps perhaps merely the 4th, Bear in mind That Luke Skywalker Owes The entirety to a Talking Flea

It be Extensive name Wars Day, everyone! In honor of Would possibly perhaps perhaps merely the 4th, this most auspicious day, let’s remove a whereas to celebrate and honor one of the most galaxy’s most attention-grabbing heroes: no, no longer Luke, no longer Leia, no longer Rey or any of them. I’m speaking about Lugubrious Mote.

You know, the flea that saved Luke’s butt from Jabba the Hut? That flea??? Reach on.

This comes from 2020’s The Legends of Luke Skywalker: The Manga, and additional particularly, the chapter titled The Fable of Lugubrious Mote. The myth follows Luke and Leia’s rescue of a carbonite-frozen Han Solo from Jabba the Hutt on Tatooine, nevertheless items a odd twist on what we know from Return of the Jedi. It introduces Lugubrious Mote, a mole-flea residing on the lend a hand of Salacious B. Crumb, Jabba’s palace clown. Mote is intrigued at the origin by Luke’s recorded message to Jabba conducted by R2, and later by the appearance of Leia when she’s captured by Jabba.

(It is seemingly you’ll well per chance perhaps additionally glimpse the lil man within the picture below – excuse the Android picture.)

Lugubrious Mote: the hero of Star Wars. (Image credit: VIZ Media/IGN)
Lugubrious Mote: the hero of Extensive name Wars. (Image credit: VIZ Media/IGN)

Slack at night, Mote makes herself diagnosed to Leia, and the two gather a fleet friendship. They stop up all night chatting, in which period Leia encourages Mote to set her religion in Luke. The following day, when Luke reveals up to negotiate with Jabba in person, Mote is impressed along side his coronary heart, if no longer his overconfidence. She follows him down into the rancor pit, where Pateesa emerges.

In the movie, right here is the bit where Luke grabs a bone, shoves it in Pateesa’s mouth, and runs round a chunk sooner than shutting a closing gate on Pateesa’s neck, killing it. That’s restful how the myth performs out, nevertheless in The Fable of Lugubrious Mote, we learn this wasn’t Luke’s genius thought. Mote whispers to Luke as he runs round in a awe, and Luke hilariously mistakes the mole-flea for a Jedi Spirit guiding him. Mote steers him, Ratatouille-model, by nibbling on his head, letting Luke mediate the itchy scalp he has from a literal flea is Power tingles, and Mote’s instructions are real a Jedi Ghost. Every nice looking thought Luke has in that scene – every dodge, every artful expend of a bone – is fed to him by Lugubrious Mote.

Yeah, sure Luke, that's Ben all right. (Image credit: VIZ Media/IGN)
Yeah, obvious Luke, that’s Ben all upright. (Image credit: VIZ Media/IGN)

In the waste, Mote feels fulfilled by the detect, as she’s impressed by Luke’s hope, optimism, and self belief. However at the tip, she asks Leia no longer to expose Luke about her, preferring to allow Luke to mediate he tapped into the Power all over his detect with Jabba and Pateesa. It be no longer love Luke hasn’t aged the Power sooner than this point or anything, so it’s a chunk of odd he would not inquire of the adaptation – nevertheless obvious, whatever. In the tip, Mote joins the circus, no matter Leia’s seeming promise of an advisory location in her authorities nestled safely in Chewbacca’s fur.

Aspect tales love that of Lugubrious Mote are supposed to be extra relaxing than serious. The Extensive name Wars universe is stuffed with relaxing runt tales about goofy characters doing silly issues that continuously intersect in outlandish strategies with the main heroes of the films. It be a huge galaxy, in any case – big ample for Jizz tune, IG-88, the Max Rebo Band, and whatever Glup Shitto is.

Contented Would possibly perhaps perhaps merely the 4th, everyone! Justice for Lugubrious Mote!

Rebekah Valentine is a senior reporter for IGN. Got a myth tip? Ship it to rvalentine@ign.com.

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