Stephen Colbert Explains Trump’s Truth Social Alternate Idea: ‘Feeble Rapist Yells at Easter’ | Video

On Monday’s “The Leisurely Expose,” Stephen Colbert offered up a brutal evaluate of Donald Trump’s alternate blueprint for his truly nugatory Twitter clone Truth Social: “Feeble rapist yells at Easter.”

The shaggy dog legend change into impressed no longer fully by Truth Social’s abysmal earnings, which had been made public this week, but moreover the unhinged viciousness in what Trump posted on Truth Social for Easter. And, while he change into at it, Colbert mocked the “Mistaken outrage” from conservatives over the weekend about Trans Visibility Day going down on the the same day as Easter, and had some relaxing predicting what roughly faux outrage we are in a position to demand in the ruin.

“The day gone by change into Easter,” Colbert mentioned during his monologue, “and Joe Biden had an even attempting message for the nation, posting ‘Jill and I send our warmest needs to Christians spherical the realm celebrating Easter Sunday. Easter reminds us of the vitality of hope and the promise of Christ’s resurrection.’ Classy.”

“Donald Trump moreover had an even attempting Easter message,” Colbert persisted. “April Fool’s. Virtually couldn’t salvage that one out. He he posted this all caps screed: ‘Cushty Easter to all including twisted and contaminated prosecutors and judges which would maybe maybe be doing all the pieces that you just may maybe maybe moreover have faith to interfere with the presidential election of 2024 and set me in penal advanced, including these many members who I completely and completely abhor.’”

From there, Colbert talked about the annual White House Easter Egg hunt, which Fox Recordsdata attempted to stoke controversy over by complaining that religious theme designs weren’t allowed. Colbert mocked the root that Easter egg hunts are in any manner religious, after which renowned that the guidelines Fox Recordsdata personalities complained about had been in have faith for nearly 50 years — including during Donald Trump’s presidency.

“But on the earth of made up outrage, there’s continuously blueprint B,” Colbert persisted noting that “over the weekend. Trump moreover attacked Biden over the indisputable truth that Easter this one year coincided with transgender day of visibility.” He went on to show conceal how the annual day of celebrating trans folk has been held on March 31 since 2009, while Easter changes dates yearly. Which brought him to his predictions for future faux outrage.

“I’ve obtained some nasty recordsdata for folks who’re upset that any other thing change into notorious on Easter this one year, since it’s gonna retain going down. In 2029, Easter is gonna tumble on April Fool’s Day,” he mentioned with a smirk sooner than slipping into a faux-outraged tone. “Oh, so my faith is a colossal shaggy dog legend to you. Is that what it is miles? Are you claiming that Jesus didn’t truly upward thrust from the pointless? It change into all colossal prank on the apostles. You obtained Jesus’d!”

At that, a emblem for a fictional demonstrate about Jesus pranking folk appeared onscreen.

“And smoke ’em whenever you obtained ’em, because factual next one year Easter falls on 4/20,” Colbert persisted sooner than slipping as soon as extra into a faux-outraged tone. “Oh the Liberals must flip Jesus into some lengthy haired sandal carrying bearded hippie who change into all about peace and love. Groovy man. forgive your enemies.”

“All of these messages that [Trump] posted were up on Truth Social. And there’s some monetary info about his lack of funds in step with new SEC filings from Truth Social in 2023,” Colbert mentioned, explaining the firm made factual $4 million and posted losses of $58 million.

“How would maybe that be? They’ve this form of solid alternate mannequin: Feeble rapist yells at Easter.”

Survey the general monologue above.

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