Stardew Valley’s 1.6 Substitute Will Repair Your Marriage

Stardew Valley’s developer Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone has fired off his most stylish patch showcase for the game’s upcoming 1.6 change, and it’s reasonably perhaps the funniest one yet. ConcernedApe is tweeting out a single detail from the 1.6 change’s patch notes once a day till it drops for PC on March 19, and they’ve all been basically the most obscure fixes and tweaks you would possibly perchance imagine. The principle fix he shared will add saplings to fruit trees, allowing gamers to extra without grief relocate their trees in the occasion that they vital or wished to. Stardew Valley gamers misplaced it over that one. Then ConcernedApe confirmed a fan theory that harvesting in a single route turned into sooner than one other, and promised a fix that’d compose it appropriate as like a flash both ways. Yet one more patch showcase addressed the radius of the player’s downward sword swing and appropriate the day earlier than on the brand new time, the developer announced the change would compose it ever so a miniature bit more uncomplicated to push your pets out of the style. I in actual fact realizing that very most sensible one will seemingly be the funniest one, nevertheless on the brand new time ConcernedApe outdid themselves.

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Their most stylish change on 1.6’s state targets a glitch that many didn’t even know existed. Stardew Valley allows gamers to pursue romances with the voters of Pelican Town, which can sooner or later consequence in a wedding. First, you would possibly perchance bear gotten to work at the side of a persona, give them gifts, and max out your relationship with them, which is represented by hearts. At ten hearts, gamers can imply marriage and bear a wedding, nevertheless afterwards their spouses compose extra hearts, reducing the payment of the old most. This could infrequently consequence in a glitch where, at once after getting married, spouses would hilariously spiral into a despair and employ the first week of marriage unhappy and in bed.

Now, spouses will experience a “honeymoon” section in the first week that prevents them from at once becoming hole shells of themselves. That’s intelligent, Stardew’s developer is fixing all your marriages. Everybody, snarl thank you.

The neighborhood understandably misplaced it. Many replied to ConcernedApe’s tweet by shouting at others about what they bear been up to that turned into depressing their spouses. It’s in particular funny because no one I do know who performs Stardew has ever been regular about the characters they romance. Some distance too a lot of my members of the family and halt guests are unnaturally drawn to Stardew’s brooding alcoholic Shane, doting on him to alarming extents. And don’t even web me started on the Abigail and Leah enthusiasts in the arena.

My guests’ hyperfixations on their in-game romances seemingly ensured that the glitch by no way reared its grotesque head. Others did web it and will by no way indicate why it took map. Stardew’s 1.6 change will now guarantee cheerful marriages for all, except you appreciate out a divorce in actual fact. Somebody else feel that sit down again plunge over the room?

Besides to all these tweaks and fixes, Stardew’s 1.6 change would possibly perchance be introducing a bunch of recent state, like a brand sleek pageant, making it a jam-packed, growth-sized addition to the game. It’ll additionally compose the game more uncomplicated to mod, nevertheless that hasn’t stopped ConcernedApe from sharpening it to a tee sooner than presumably handing it over to the modding neighborhood for the foreseeable future. Afterwards, all eyes are on the eventual console and cellular ports of 1.6 and ConcernedApe’s next game, Shrinking Chocolatier, which appears to be like to be like plenty like Stardew nevertheless with a bit extra action and doubtlessly extra ghosts.

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