‘SNL’ Monologue: Kristen Wiig Will get Her ‘5-Timers’ Jacket from Ryan Gosling

With appearances by Jon Hamm, Paul Rudd, Matt Damon and Martin Immediate, among others

Passe SNL solid member Kristen Wiig joined the present’s “5-timers membership” on Saturday, with her monologue featuring appearances by a alternative of alternative frail hosts, a few of whom haven’t had that gig 5 instances but wore jackets of their very non-public then again.

Wiig, whose most newest Saturday Evening Live look was in December all through fellow SNL alum Kate McKinnon’s monologue, didn’t function it a ways into her monologue prior to Paul Rudd–a first rate 5-timer–called out from the target audience.

When Wiig commended him that there was no membership-connected sketch planned for later in the present, Rudd seemed sad and slunk abet into his chair. But he would rapidly return.

Within the duration in-between, Wiig heard from Matt Damon, who was wearing a ‘5-timers’ jacket despite having hosted shining twice. Lorne Michaels, Damon explained, “said the first time I hosted, it counted for 3.”

Moments later, after Wiig wondered if the jacket aloof has any which implies, Michaels himself seemed at the brink of the stage alongside with Fred Armisen, Jon Hamm, Will Uniqueness, and Martin Immediate–all gloating over their unearned jackets. Uniqueness explained that, altogether, they’d 5 cyber web hosting gigs below the belt. Hamm and Immediate then pleaded with the SNL creator to grant them future cyber web hosting responsibilities.

Rudd, glad by the theme of Wiig’s monologue, couldn’t hang himself. “Aw, candy! So we are doing a 5-timers sketch!”

But for Wiig, the occasion now “doesn’t seem all that special”–especially since Damon was then handed one other jacket for his 2018 portrayal of then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Damon’s are attempting to safe Wiig’s mood by telling her she was youngest and first female member of the membership didn’t land, either, since he was inappropriate on each and every counts.

“First French lady?” he tried again.

“I’m now not a French lady,” Wiig replied bluntly.

Because the six male hosts joined Wiig on stage and went into tune, Uniqueness spotted somebody else of portray off to the fair. “Oh my God! Is that Ryan Gosling?!”


Gosling, who will host SNL for the third time next week, was making an are attempting on his non-public jacket next to Michaels while preserving Wiig’s. He then went up to her and helped her keep it on.

Wiig is the 2nd host to affix SNL‘s 5-timers membership this season. Emma Stone did so in December.

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