Ruperto Punsalan’s E book on Merging Quantity Programs with Christian Prophecy Space for Point to on the L.A. Times Competition of Books 2024

The Los Angeles Times Competition of Books provides repeat slots no longer correct to spruce publishers but additionally to self sustaining and self-printed authors, notably those with new and thought-upsetting suggestions. It is miles the place aside one can ranking books like that of Ruperto Punsalan, a retired accountant and avid Bible student, who had determined to merge his two passions in a single book titled “Our Report.” It’s a book that demonstrates how Quantity Fusion can consequence in a new notion of Bible prophecies.

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“An impressive, new formulation of having a think at Biblical prophecy by the numbers handwritten by God.”

The L.A. Times Competition of Books 2024 will feature one among the widest ranges of newly printed literature all in a single status. It’s a convention the place aside booklovers can ranking spaces devoted no longer finest to mountainous-time publishers and authors but additionally to many extra self sustaining writers, each and each offering a undeniable formulation of seeing the area.

The literary pageant is a status the place aside one can ranking books on completely different, modern spiritual traditions correct alongside extinct religions like Christianity. Amongst these, Ruperto Punsalan goals to reveal apart his work by way of his possess book “Our Report.”

A Filipino immigrant, Punsalan started his profession relieve within the Philippines correct after passing the CPA board checks in 1979. He then migrated to the U.S. in 1986 and had a stint on the U.S.A Federal Credit Union and the U.S. Postal Provider.

In his book, he shares how his notion of math has additionally given him a new point of view on his Christian religion. “Our Report” is supposed to be a manual to interconnecting the prophecies of the Former and Fresh Testaments in ways in which haven’t been performed by mainstream theologians.

The book additionally focuses on the presence of particular numbers like 6 and 7 in Bible prophecy and how the customary system of Quantity Fusion he teaches within the book can consequence within the new notion he realized.

Irregular Christian readers on the Los Angeles Times Competition of Books 2024 can ranking “Our Report” by Ruperto Punsalan on present off on the self-publishing and book advertising company ReadersMagnet’s repeat at booth #225. The book pageant will occur on April 20-21, 2024, on the College of Southern California, Los Angeles.

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“Our Report”

Author: Ruperto Punsalan

Printed date: November 15, 2023

Writer: ReadersMagnet LLC

Genre: Christian

Author Bio

Ruperto Punsalan studied Accounting and passed the Philippine CPA board checks in 1979. He worked with Sycip, Gorres, Velayo and Mates from 1979 to 1982 and worked as an interior auditor of Atlas Mining, or ACMDC, from 1983 to 1986 and Migrated to the US in 1986. Mr. Punsalan worked as an accounting clerk with the United States Federal Credit Union from 1987 to 1990, joined the US Postal Provider from 1990 to 2017, and retired.

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