Poll: A Unusual Donkey Kong Sport Must Be Coming, Nonetheless What Can also aloof It Be?

The wait is driving us bananas

DK Country Returns?
Listing: Nintendo

It feels love Donkey Kong is in each role for the time being. With the lovable ape’s vital appearance in The Noteworthy Mario Bros. Film, the upcoming DK-themed growth at Japan’s Noteworthy Nintendo World, and the safe, however savory Mario vs. Donkey Kong Swap remake, which that you just can well train we’re in the midst of a Kong-aissance reawa-Kong-ing revitalisat-Kong… a return for DK. Nonetheless one thing’s missing, upright?

Yes, despite Nintendo’s renewed focal level on Mario’s worn nemesis, we’ve aloof but to stare the very thing that followers internet been clamouring for since the 2014 start of Tropical Freeze: a impress-recent Donkey Kong sport. No doubt, most modern little print surrounding the cancelled ‘Freedom’ project at Vicarious Visions internet exacerbated an already-agonising wait, however it completely nonetheless feels love one thing would possibly per chance per chance successfully be cooking within Nintendo’s iron-clad fortress.

The ask, on the other hand, is what form of sport we’d love to stare. Rumours from 2021 suggested that Nintendo EPD, the crew in the support of the sublime Noteworthy Mario Odyssey, used to be engaged on a brand recent Donkey Kong platformer, though specific little print were (and aloof are) scarce.

The apparent different would, certainly, be a brand recent entry in the Donkey Kong Nation franchise. As soon as stewarded by Uncommon earlier than Retro Studios took the reigns in 2010, the latter developer is currently hectic at work on the upcoming Metroid High 4. Were a brand recent ‘Nation’ sport to start in the reach future, it be likely that an exclusively a great deal of crew would take care of pattern.

‘Donkey Kong Nation Returns… Again’? — Listing: Zion Grassl / Nintendo Existence

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