Police strive to arrest Nicki Minaj in Amsterdam for allegedly ‘carrying medication’

Authorities in Amsterdam arrested Nicki Minaj for alleged drug possession, per an Instagram Dwell and a gaggle of posts on X the rap celeb shared Saturday.

An dependable can even be heard asserting in the Dwell video that they desired to think the Grammy nominee into custody for allegedly “carrying medication” — which she denied.

“I’m not going in there. I desire a criminal legitimate display,” Minaj, 41, argued whereas seemingly at an airport.

Dutch authorities tried to arrest Nicki Minaj in Amsterdam. Charles Sykes/Invision/AP
The “Anaconda” rapper livestreamed the incident on Instagram. NICKIMINAJ/X
Within the video, an officer suggested her that she desired to be taken into custody for allegedly “carrying medication.” NICKIMINAJ/X
After protesting, Minaj regarded to lightly enter a police automobile. NICKIMINAJ/X

After some inform, the “Barbie World” rapper’s video showed her going in a police automobile.

She then changed into fervent on her upcoming exhibit, and an officer assured her somebody would “strive to get dangle of [her] there” as soon as that it’s doubtless you’ll imagine.

Minaj is in the meanwhile on her “Red Friday 2” World Tour. She had a exhibit scheduled for Saturday evening in Manchester, England, but it changed into as soon as canceled following the excellent ordeal.

Authorities in Amsterdam confirmed via X on Saturday afternoon that the “Evening Is Aloof Young” rapper changed into as soon as indeed booked “on suspicion of exporting soft medication” and issued a elegant.

Minaj also posted on X regarding the ordeal as it changed into as soon as happening. NICKIMINAJ/X
She accused security of taking her bags “without consent.” She also confirmed authorities acknowledged they “came all the plan via weed” and desired to “weigh the pre-rolls.” NICKIMINAJ/X
Weed is precise in Amsterdam for as a lot as 5 milligrams per particular person. NICKIMINAJ/X

Minaj previously constantly denied these allegations. She wrote via X earlier on Saturday, “now they acknowledged they came all the plan via weed & that but another community of ppl need to come here to weigh the pre-rolls.

“Rob into consideration they took my bags without consent. My security has already educated them these pre-rolls belong to him. Oh yea & the pilot wants me to think my ig put up down.”

Her most newest X put up on the time of publication — posted at 10: 51 a.m. ET — reads, “Now they acknowledged I in actuality need to glide 5 mins away to fabricate an announcement about my security to the police precinct.”

A video she shared on Instagram Saturday morning seemingly captured her aforementioned claims.

An Instagram video she shared Saturday morning captured an dependable informing her that all her bags desired to be searched. NICKIMINAJ/X
Minaj argued that there had been a misunderstanding. NICKIMINAJ/X

The video started with an dependable letting her know that all of her baggage desired to be checked.

“Isn’t that what you planned on doing from the get dangle of-glide? Why didn’t you search it earlier than it went on the airplane?” Minaj requested.

The gentleman went on to indicate that authorities “did a random lickety-split compare” but now have to attain a rotund search. When the “Bang Bang” rapper requested why, the actual person answered, “First of all because of you filmed him … He doesn’t imagine that you just don’t occupy extra with you than you yell.”

Minaj is in the meanwhile on her “Red Friday 2” World Tour. nickiminaj/Instagram
She changed into as soon as flying from Amsterdam to Manchester, England, for a live performance scheduled for Saturday evening. nickiminaj/Instagram

Defending herself, Minaj explained that there had been a misunderstanding. “No, he requested me attain I in actuality occupy from now on in these purses and I acknowledged, ‘No,’ and I requested, ‘Where are my bags?’ They took my bags and build it on the airplane earlier than I might additionally know what bags are on the airplane.”

One other X put up from the musician Saturday morning claimed, “I’m unexcited in my car. They took my baggage w/o consent. Lied & acknowledged it changed into as soon as on the jet.”

She also accused her light workers of purposely conserving her from her upcoming exhibit so “negative tales” can be written about her. “Jealousy is a illness. the the rest,” she slammed.

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The “Pound the Apprehension” hitmaker accused her extinct workers — whom she fired — of attempting to sabotage her by making her late to her Manchester exhibit. nickiminaj/Instagram
It is unsafe if medication rather than weed had been came all the plan via on the Grammy nominee. Aaron P/bauergriffinonline.com

Net page Six has reached out to the critical particular person’s reps and authorities in Amsterdam for comment but failed to straight hear abet.

Marijuana is precise in Amsterdam as long as a particular person has “no extra than 5 grams of cannabis” on them, per the Netherlands authorities internet page.

It’s unsafe if the singer has been accused of carrying different kinds of gear.

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