New PS5 Sport Launches Early And Its Devs Don’t Know How Or Why

Shock! Ultrawings 2, a mission-primarily based fully mostly flight sim beforehand on hand on PC and Meta Quest, is out now on PlayStation 5 and PSVR2. Followers who were angry to play the sequel on Sony’s console had no idea the game used to be launching this day. And it appears, the builders didn’t know either and are in actuality making an try to establish out what came about.

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On January 25, Ultrawings 2 launched on PSVR2. Previously, the builders in the lend a hand of the game—Bit Planet Video games—had confirmed that a version of the flight recreation used to be planned to initiate on PlayStation’s VR headset. Within the muse, the free up window used to be residing for sometime in slow 2023. But that didn’t occur. Alternatively, when the game all correct now dropped on PSN slow final evening, many fans who had been following it carefully assumed the builders had shadow-dropped the flight sim a pair of weeks after its in the muse scheduled PSVR2 initiate. But that wasn’t the knowing.

On January 26, the builders confirmed the game’s free up used to be a entire shock to them, posting: “Shadow shedding Ultrawings 2 on PSVR2 this day used to be no longer on our 2024 bingo card but, neatly, right here we’re.”

In a respond to someone asking if they shouldn’t be pleased equipped and installed the game, Bit Planet defined that the free up used to be “unexpected” and that the manufacture has some “somewhat minor points” that be pleased already been fixed in a patch that used to be speculated to initiate alongside the game but will now be launched a pair of days later.

Did Sony by likelihood initiate Ultrawings 2 early?

Kotaku spoke to Bit Planet and requested what came about. Used to be it a mistake on Sony’s section, as some be pleased assumed on-line?

“We don’t mediate so,” Bit Planet instructed me. “We don’t know what came about. It’ll also very neatly be something we did or didn’t attain. Fair correct don’t know (but). I will dispute we don’t mediate Sony by likelihood launched the game.”

In a Reddit publish, a developer on the game reiterated that they didn’t know what came about, but suggested that they could perchance perchance needn’t updated the free up date info on the PSN’s backend.

“We had residing an Estimated Delivery date for 2/9 and, neatly, peek what came about. With that acknowledged, I mediate there could be a unconditionally separate fragment for REAL free up dates that used to be residing to slow final year that wasn’t updated,” acknowledged the developer on Reddit.

After Kotaku contacted the developer, Bit Planet posted a brand fresh tweet explaining the situation and added: “On the plus aspect the Dayish 1 patch has been submitted and desires to be out inside of days.”

It’s an original initiate for positive, and I buy the devs aren’t fully chuffed they didn’t salvage to roll out planned marketing sooner than Ultrawings 2’s initiate. But on the opposite hand, hi there, peek at that, we’re all talking about Ultrawings 2 on PSVR2.


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