NAMM 2024: Dean Guitars is on the level of return encourage combating – and we obtained a typical preview of its killer 2024 line-up, including its contemporary reasonable Kerry King signature, Slime Green finishes, and excessive mid-tag steel guitar contenders

Four of Dean's new-for-2024 guitars, pictured at the 2024 NAMM show

(Image credit rating: Michaely Astley-Brown/Future)

NAMM 2024: Dean Guitars producer Armadillo Enterprises has faced more than its supreme half of correct and economic headwinds in most modern years – to the level that, in summer closing 300 and sixty five days, we doubted its very survival. 

Nonetheless, despite those valuable knocks, cooler heads appear to be prevailing – and it has fair as of late started to uncover indicators that it’s slowly righting the ship. The main hint came at the stop of 2023, when its Vengeance and Zero Scheme terminate out models at closing started to hit cupboards – after a extend of two years.

In the encourage of the scenes at this 300 and sixty five days’s NAMM uncover, Guitar World obtained a typical preview of the company’s intensive contemporary 2024 range from CEO Patrick Schuleit – and, now we desire to whisper, these appear to be a couple of of the finest builds the logo has build collectively in a long time.

Dean NAMM 2024 preview

Dean Guitars Kerry King Overlord Battalion Grey(Image credit rating: Michael Astley-Brown/Future)

GW doesn’t have the stout spec lists yet, however the company is pulling no punches. As such, there are top-spec pickups across the board (request Fishman, EMG etc.), whereas the single-cuts purpose Babicz bridges and tailpieces for elevated recall – and the total contemporary models have glow-in-the-darkish facet dots. 

Among the contemporary models we previewed modified into as soon as a brand contemporary reasonable utilize on the Kerry King Overlord signature guitar, completed in Battalion Grey. It drops the Sustainiac, however at $1,499, shaves a valuable chunk off the $6,499 tag imprint of the USA Customized Shop Overlord and is loaded with a Kahler tremolo, EMG pickups, and pentagram inlays.

Dean NAMM 2024 preview

Dean Guitars Exile Scheme terminate out Floyd Fluence Dim Satin(Image credit rating: Michael Astley-Brown/Future)

Meanwhile, Nile’s Karl Sanders is getting a brand contemporary Vengeance V-vogue 7-string ($1,599), total with a Floyd Rose and Seymour Duncan pickups. Plus Mudvayne’s Greg Tribbett, Hatebreed’s Wayne Lozinak, Sevendust’s John Connolly, and Anthrax’s Jon Donais are all in line for contemporary signature builds. 

The beforehand Dimebag-connected ML body shape is encourage and we saw a large utilize on that with a Floyd Rose and flame maple top in the company’s trademark Slime Green carry out ($899), plus a singlecut Thoroughbred in the the same carry out (a cheeky nod to the company’s wrangles with Gibson, presumably?).

Dean NAMM 2024 preview

Dean Guitars ML 79 Floyd Flame High Duncans Slime(Image credit rating: Michael Astley-Brown/Future)

Then there’s those pastel-completed T-vogue NashVegas models, the Cadillac Silverburst… and that’s genuine the offshore builds. 

What’s more, during the offshore range, Schuleit is terribly grand out to nail the mid-priced steel guitar market and is adamant that Dean is no longer going to be overwhelmed on tag or spec. He also assures us that each and each mannequin will handiest be launched when stock is readily accessible – so we shouldn’t detect a repeat of the Vengeance/Zero stock factors.

Dean NAMM 2024 preview

Dean Guitars NashVegas Floyd Roasted Maple Shell Purple(Image credit rating: Michael Astley-Brown/Future)

The assorted spacious data for Dean in 2024 is the return of US builds, which we had been also in a position to preview. Again, it’s an all-weapons-blazing line-up and whereas we don’t have prices on those yet, you handiest must gape at these forms of models to acquire it’s a a little bit of animated line-up.

Dean NAMM 2024 preview

Dean Guitars USA MD Customized(Image credit rating: Michael Astley-Brown/Future)

We saw some wild builds, even supposing. As an example, an S-vogue MD Customized – total with a wooden-grained scratchplate and pickup covers – or that paduak ML Customized that takes the ’90s steel guitar shape encourage to the electrical’s roots.

Then there’s a nod to Armadillo’s old CEO, Elliott Rubinson, in the Tribute Hybrid bass, which factors custom-made Dean brand art work across the body and pickups.

So, whereas Armadillo is restful very grand navigating its correct wrangles, it does appear that the corporate’s main focal level is encourage where it must be: making massive devices and getting them out to gamers.

Might perchance presumably 2024 be the 300 and sixty five days that Dean Guitars makes its comeback? Moderately presumably…

For more recordsdata on all of the upcoming models, befriend an look on Dean Guitars as 2024 unfolds…

To recall to lope with all contemporary gear releases, talk over with our NAMM 2024 data data and NAMM 2024 are residing blog.

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