Lindsey Graham Defends Trump’s ‘Consume-and-Murder’ Hush Payments, Argues Schwarzenegger and Tiger Woods Killed Stories Too | Video

Sen. Lindsey Graham delivered an surprising protection of Donald Trump on CNN’s “Narrate of the Union” Sunday morning. After he became as soon as requested about worn American Media CEO David Pecker’s testimony that the National Enquirer implemented a “gain-and-kill” media thought against Trump’s political competitors, Graham acknowledged that “it appears to be like numerous contributors accomplish this” and offered two examples: “Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tiger Woods.”

“No, I mediate the total thing is a crock,” Graham added, an apparent reference to Trump’s hush-money trial in Original York. “The statute of boundaries has lengthy shut out the misdemeanor conditions. So this liberal prosecutor in Original york came up with a federal marketing campaign violation that the grunt of Original York, the Southern District of Original York, checked out.”

“The federal election fee checked out,” Graham persevered. “Jack Smith checked out and decided no longer to prosecute. Alvin Bragg took a case that became as soon as rejected by the federal government to resurrect these misdemeanors. I mediate it’s a political hit job on Trump six months sooner than the election. That’s what I mediate.”

“All appropriate model,” Bash answered, sooner than adding, “Obviously, Tiger Woods is no longer running for president, no longer less than no longer but—”

“— I mediate the total thing’s BS,” Graham added, sooner than he affirmed that he’ll “absolutely” abet and vote for Trump although he’s convicted in any of the four court conditions he at the second faces.

In court this previous week, the National Enquirer’s David Pecker detailed “gain-and-kill” approaches to stories for Schwarzenegger, Woods and Model Wahlberg. For Schwarzenegger, that supposed paying out tons of of thousands of bucks for stories sooner than and one day of his gallop for governor. That integrated dozens of girls alleging they had relationships with or were sexually harassed by Schwarzenegger.

“I mediate what’s occurring with Donald Trump is weaponization of the law,” Graham acknowledged. “He’s been prosecuted in Original york, one of the most deepest blue cities within the country. Georgia and Fulton County. Jack Smith goes after Trump, but Clinton and Biden— anyway, I mediate most contributors own written this off.”

“They’re going to focal point on their issues, no longer a bunch of conditions introduced by liberals against Trump.”

Gape the interview with Sen. Lindsey Graham within the video above.

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