Last Delusion VII Rebirth Regarded At Cid And Acknowledged ‘I Can Repair Him’

My toxic trait is that I’m a limiteless simp for Last Delusion VII’s atrocious-mouthed, chain-smoking, dragoon pilot Cid. My love for this man spans decades, from when he became a series of blobs stacked on high of each other in the contemporary PlayStation sport to when he became a unvoiced shopkeeper in the first Kingdom Hearts. As such, I became enthusiastic to witness him in Last Delusion 7 Rebirth, despite the truth that he doesn’t salvage promoted to playable celebration member this time round. After going assist and reacquainting myself with the contemporary sport, I’m stunning entirely pleased with how Sq. Enix approached the persona nearly 30 years later.

Three Things We Realized From The Last Delusion 7 Rebirth Demo

Spoilers for usual Last Delusion 7 observe, but nothing foremost from Rebirth.

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In most systems that count, Cid is level-headed the an analogous man followers know and love from FF7 in Rebirth. He’s the pilot of Tiny Bronco, acts care for the dad in the room despite being allegedly greatest 32 years feeble, and is incessantly grumpy in direction of everyone. But he’s additionally overtly kindhearted in a single arrangement that per chance didn’t always bump into in the contemporary sport. Surely one of his earliest scenes in Rebirth exhibits him realizing he knew Aerith’s mom, Ifalna, and is disheartened to listen to of her passing since they final met years prior. This prompts him to provide his pilot products and companies with out cost, all because he desires to assist the daughter of someone he once cared for.

Cid stands in front of his plane.

Screenshot: Sq. Enix / Kotaku

Where usual Cid became normally outlined as crass, angsty, and mean (certain, there’s nuance, we’re getting there), Rebirth Cid’s doesn’t the truth is feel rather as rude and as a change goes for a more understated confident but level-headed caring bravado. His no-nonsense practicality feels determined in the face of some staunch weirdos in FF7’s crew, but now it’s a shrimp more reined in. Cid became prickly in the contemporary sport, but that facet of him became always supposed to masks the conserving and supportive individual he became deep down.

Some lengthy-time followers will seemingly frame this as “changing” him, but I’d argue it brings out the finest of who Cid always became. He’s level-headed a grouch, but no longer indiscriminately so. My hope is that this would presumably well allow Sq. Enix to better frame future storylines, namely the one attractive his future wife, Shera. After I became angry to witness Cid all any other time, some company who had played Last Delusion 7 more currently were greatly surprised to listen to this, given he has a reputation interior the team. I hadn’t viewed Cid beget interplay with Shera in years, but I went assist and watched the scenes between the two in the contemporary Last Delusion 7, and became greatly surprised at how unhappy it became to witness the two’s dynamic.

Last Delusion makes Cid a nicer man

When the crew first meets Shera, they’re incorrect in assuming she is Cid’s wife at this point, perchance because the model he talks to her is textbook abusive husband in a single arrangement someone in the ‘90s would write a sitcom couple. He berates her for no longer making their visitors tea, asks if she’s blind, after which suits off to work on one thing whereas she tends to Cloud and company. When they make clear her no longer to wretchedness about them, she straight away takes the blame on herself and says that is factual how Cid is. She explains that he sabotaged his bear rocket start to assemble determined she wasn’t killed in the blast, and now she feels as if she’s accountable for ruining his dreams. Here is why she locations up with the model he treats her and says she’ll “dwell [her] existence for him.”

Cid's official art from the original game.

Describe: Sq. Enix / Last Delusion Wiki

Searching at a individual discuss appropriate down to a lady as she does domestic duties wasn’t massive in 1997 and is even worse to uncover assist on now. Here is speculated to be a revealing moment that exhibits that he’s secretly a caring, form individual despite him being abrasive to many of the of us he meets. But in the years since Last Delusion 7, now we beget collectively misplaced persistence for abusive behavior. Despite the truth that Cid resents Shera for her half in destroying his dream, that will presumably well even be communicated in a far healthier manner. Thorny relationships, namely between those that supposedly care about each other, don’t will beget to be mean-intriguing and hurtful. They will factual be clumsy, awkward, and finally restorative.

My hope is that because Cid appears to be like a piece more even-tempered in Rebirth, his relationship with Shera might presumably well even be explored in a single arrangement that feels less overtly misogynistic and abusive 30 years later. Toning down his antagonism in Rebirth in prefer of developing him a stern and passionate pilot who hoots and hollers his manner into everyone’s hearts, makes for one far more likable and up-to-the-minute recall. And eager on how Rebirth’s story plays into his bigger arc, I’m enthusiastic to witness how Sq. handles it.

Cid nods off with fireworks behind him.

Screenshot: Sq. Enix / Kotaku

Last Delusion 7 Rebirth is, despite some weighty moments, a blinding overjoyed sport. It uses most of its prolonged time with the solid to factual let them dangle round, vibe, and play some silly mini-video games. Recreating Cid as he became in 1997 would had been diametrically in opposition to the imaginative and prescient of the Last Delusion 7 universe Rebirth is attempting to assemble. The Remake series has the finest versions of those characters up to now, and chipping away one of the crucial most consuming edges to salvage to Cid’s coronary heart of gold is how you modernize the persona. He’s one other example of those video games recognizing that a remake doesn’t want to uncritically mimic one thing from decades ago.

The Honey Bee Inn became once a brothel and stage for homosexual horror, where Remake retools it to be a odd-inclusive nightclub. Cid is level-headed a stingy feeble man but doesn’t will beget to be uncomfortably cruel to someone he cares about. If Sq. Enix keeps him as such in the next sport and might presumably well better frame his relationship with Shera, he’ll be one other bullet point on the list of issues the crew acquired factual this time round.

But ship his cigarettes assist, Sq. Enix. That man smells care for an ashtray, I ticket it.

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