Larian Studios Is Officially Performed With The Baldur’s Gate Series

Baldur's Gate 3's High Elf Rogue Astarion holds his chin with a sort of thinking expression on his face.

Image: Larian Studios

Honest correct take care of that, Larian Studios is done with now not lawful Baldur’s Gate 3, its shatter hit 2023 roleplaying game, however with the franchise altogether. And I attain imply carried out, as studio founder Swen Vincke said all the intention by a chat at the Sport Builders Conference (GDC) that the crew is transferring on from the sequence.

Unboxing The Baldur’s Gate 3 Collector’s Version

As reported by IGN, Vincke said all the intention by a March 21 GDC discuss that Larian Studios isn’t engaged on an expansion to Baldur’s Gate 3 or a apply-up to the Dungeons & Dragons-inspired RPG. As a substitute, in step with Vincke, the studio is planning to pivot to one thing tranquil entirely. A Larian Studios representative corroborated IGN’s legend in an email to Kotaku, sending over the following quote from Vincke’s discuss that “sums [the situation] up” slightly vital:

I told you in the initiating that we had been a company of gigantic options. We’re now not a company that’s made to diagram DLCs [or] expansions. We tried that indubitably, as soon as or twice, and it failed every single time. It’s now not our issue. Lifestyles is simply too short, our ambitions are very gigantic. And so, take care of Gustav [the codename for BG3, taken from Swen’s dog who recently passed away], Baldur’s Gate will always have a warmth field in our hearts. We’ll forever enjoy with it, however we’re now not going to proceed in it.

We’re now not going to provide tranquil expansions, which everyone is looking ahead to us to attain. We’re now not going to provide Baldur’s Gate 4, which everyone is looking ahead to us to attain. We’re going to pass on. We’re going to pass away from D&D, and we’re going to begin making a tranquil issue. I’m announcing it here because I indubitably have a dialogue board and [we’re getting] bombarded by folks that ask of us to attain these issues, however that’s now not for us. It’s going to be up to Wizards of the Wing, since it’s their IP, to hunt down any individual to procure over the torch. We assume we did our job and so, for us, it’s time to safe a tranquil pup.

Baldur’s Gate 3 has been a success for Larian Studios since it left Early Gain admission to in August 2023. It’s reached over 10 million gamers and gained copious trophies, including Sport of the Year at the DICE Awards. With this vital financial success and severe acclaim surrounding your game, you’d assume Larian Studios would per chance well protect the momentum going. As a substitute, the studio is intent on chance-taking and forging tranquil paths. And the truth is, I will appreciate the hell out of that.

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