Kehlani Drops Extremely-Anticipated Single, “After Hours”

Kehlani is abet with their engrossing unique single, “After Hours.”

The sultry dance anthem samples Cordel “Scatta” Burrell’s traditional, “Coolie Dance Rhythm,” which used to be famously heard in Nina Sky‘s “Inch Ya Body.” On the other hand, the lyrical theme juxtaposes the pulsating melody. “We don’t gotta consume it unhurried/ I’ma hit the gasoline for those that’re ready to transfer/ I wanna and not utilizing a doubt feel the sweat, breathin’ via your attire/ The manner you contact my neck got me ready to fold,” they direct in the outlet verse, reminding us of that feeling of falling in take care of on the dance ground.

Kehlani desired to abolish their comeback with something that felt love freedom. The Bay Express native explained to Apple Song’s Zane Lowe, “Coming out of this pandemic to global tragedy to global tragedy to global tragedy, I used to be love I’m no longer and not utilizing a doubt in a dwelling to abolish something that feels elephantine jarring or elephantine sad. I’m very outspoken about these items, however I need my artwork to produce some effect of existence and stress-free. I wanna hear this start air and I wanna and not utilizing a doubt feel ethical.”

Of creating the file, they mirrored, “One of my favorite songs of all time, however also factual select to be start air […] and all individuals factual strikes is —no pun intended—is ‘Inch Ya Body’ by Nina Sky and I undergo in thoughts walking across the dwelling love ‘Why has no person sampled [this]?’ Because those drums are so recognizable and all individuals factual loses it.”

“After Hours” is their first solo single since 2022’s blue water avenue. On the self-discipline of this subsequent musical chapter, Kehlani shared that they didn’t need to abolish something that felt “reminiscent.”

“For once, I’m no longer hooked up to some fable, some public part, some trauma, or [something needing a] deep explanation,” they confessed. “I even don’t procure anything however contented issues to claim to you. I’m in this form of contented put of living. I’m ready to be start air.”

“After Hours” is the lead single from Kehlani’s upcoming unique album.

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